Phil’s Place

Phil's Place
Game GTA Vice City
Type of business Weapons dealer
Owner(s) Phil Cassidy
Location(s) Little Haiti, Vice City
Gang affiliation Vercetti Gang
Mission appearance(s) The Job
Gun Runner

Phil's Place is an area in northwest Little Haiti in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The compound is messy and is surrounded by wooden fences and palings. Phil Cassidy, a self-proclaimed Vietnam veteran and gun expert, lives in an old trailer in the compound by 1986. In the trailer, gun racks on the wall display several handguns, submachine guns and rifles. The bedroom consists of a bed with camouflaged mattress and an American Flag-styled pillow. Several wooden shacks and an old excavator are standing on the property which appears as a scrap yard.

In a hangar-like hall, Phil keeps his army like Patriot. A Hidden Package can be found in the building with low columns in front of the entrance in the norhwest corner. In addition, there are boxes, barrels and derelict cars in the compound. Inside Phil's trailer, there are several posters including one for Fun Bags a film advertised in Grand Theft Auto III.

Role In Missions

After the successful bank robbery of the El Banco Corrupto Grande bank, Phil calls Tommy Vercetti and tells him that if he needs weapons, he can help supply them for him. When Tommy goes to Phil's Place to receive the weaponry, Phil tells him to obtain his weaponry by knocking the weaponry off the backs of a Mexican gun running squad's trucks. Shortly after the completion of the mission, Phil will call Tommy and tell him that wants to get plastered with Tommy. Tommy then goes to Phil's Place and finds a drunken Phil playing around with Boomshine Bombs, but he accidently blows his arm off. A drunken Tommy then uses Phil's Patriot to take him to an ex army surgeon to fix him up.


After the completion of booth Phil's Place missions,Tommy can stock up on some weaponry on Phil's property any time, when required. The weapons and their respective prices are shown below:

GTA Vice City Stories

Phil's Place appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. However, in 1984, that area was known as The Compound and was property of Victor Vance, who used it as a safehouse. It was the second safehouse obtained by Victor Vance, the other one being 101 Bayshore Avenue.