Ocean Docks

Ocean Docks, Los Santos in GTA San Andreas.
Ocean Docks location

Ocean Docks is the main port in Los Santos, San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, bordered by Los Santos International Airport and the districts of Willowfield and Playa del Seville.


Ocean Docks is a massive industrial and freight complex largely containing port facilities, warehouses and refinery towers, as well as a National Guard depot, which was infiltrated by Lance "Ryder" Wilson and Carl Johnson so that their gang, the Grove Street Families, would have more weaponry. Due to its function, the district is largely utilitarian and grimy in design with few prominent landmarks, lacking the allure of other districts in the city as a result.

The geography of the district consists of an L-shaped shoreline on the mainland to the northwest, and an island to the southeast connected via three bridge; the partition between both landmasses forms an L-shaped inlet, which is also wide enough for large ships to travel through and dock.

The quality of its surface streets are general very poor, but the district is adequately linked to a seafront highway that leads to other parts of Los Santos and Las Venturas. The district is also served by a small train depot on a branch line which connects Ocean Docks with Unity Station.

Two major outlets of the city's storm drains terminate at Ocean Docks' inlet: One to the north and the other to the west.


Ocean Docks is clearly analogous to Los Angeles Harbor, including elements of Terminal Island as well as the Vincent Thomas Bridge (the in-game rendition oddly lacks vertical suspenders).