East Hook, a suburb in Liberty City in GTA IV.

Picture Of The Day

The Picture of The Day is changed automatically on the GTA IV Portal. The image at /Monday is used on Mondays, /Tuesday for Tuesdays, and so on for /Wednesday, /Thursday, /Friday, /Saturday and /Sunday. Feel free to edit the pictures of the day for each of those days, and they will show up on the correct day.

To pick a new POTD, find an interesting image from around the site, and make sure it is big (up to 250px wide). Do not pick small images and try to stretch them to fit.

To edit the code at each of those pages, simply change the filename (the bit after File:) to the name of your selected image. Change the caption (the text at the end) to something appropriate, and link to its relevant page. The size (width) of the image should always be 300px, unless the image is particularly tall.

You can include [[links]] in the caption, but you must make sure there is exactly the right number of square brackets [[ ]] or else the entire image will fail to work. Don't forget to always preview your changes before you save them, so that you can correct them if there is a problem.

If you are unsure how to do something, ask.

[[Image:NikoBellic.jpg|thumb|center|250px|Niko Bellic, the [[protagonist]] of [[GTA IV]] ]]

These are the relevant images and captions used for each day:


East Hook, a suburb in Liberty City in GTA IV.


The Booth Tunnel, connecting Liberty City and the State of Alderney in GTA IV.


Francis International Airport, Liberty City's gateway to the world.


Niko Bellic, the protagonist of GTA IV.


Roman Bellic, Niko's cousin in GTA IV.


An Infernus, arguably the most powerful vehicle in GTA IV, and very hard to obtain.


The Lost Brotherhood biker gang, lead by Johnny Klebitz, the protagonist of The Lost and Damned.