The Truth

The Truth
Appearances GTA San Andreas
Full Name The Truth


Nationality American
Home Leafy Hollow, Flint County
San Fierro
Main Affiliations Dwaine (from 1989)
Jethro (from 1989)
Frank Tenpenny (until 1992)
Carl Johnson (from 1992)
Vehicles The Mothership
Businesses Farm in Leafy Hollow
Voiced by Peter Fonda

The Truth is a character in the 3D Universe who appears as a main character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. An aging hippie and former drug manufacturer who lives in San Fierro, He is voiced by Peter Fonda.

Character history

Life until 1992

The Truth, at an unknown time, became a hippie (possibly due to his upbrining), drug manufacturer, and conspiracy theorist against the American government. In 1967 he purchased The Mothership, but stopped driving altogether in 1977, after which his main mode of transportation was "an astral goat named Herbie". In 1989 he met Dwayne and Jethro at a concert in San Fierro, as well as polar bears that they partied with. As of 1992, he owned and lived on a marijuana farm in Leafy Hollow, San Andreas.


During the events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, The Truth was acquainted with corrupt C.R.A.S.H. officer Frank Tenpenny, who introduced him to Carl "CJ" Johnson. Tenpenny ordered a very large batch of marijuana from Truth, with the purpose of framing a district attorney, and made Carl pay for it. The Truth then has Carl steal a combine harvester from a rival farm belonging to countryside survivalists. When Carl arrives at Truth's farm with the money, the narcs drop in to raid it. This forces them to burn the crops and later shoot down a police helicopter with a rocket launcher, which The Truth found in a batch of thai sticks and intended on making into a lamp.

They immediately afterwards travel to San Fierro, where Carl had recently won a garage property in a race, and meets Carl's sister Kendl and her boyfriend Cesar Vialpando. Carl is sorely disappointed in the property, though The Truth tells him "the energy here is fantastic". To help start the business, The Truth introduces Carl to Dwayne, Jethro and an electronics expert, Zero. While in town, The Truth directs Carl and Jethro to help him scoop out a government-owned van equipped with mind control facility.

Life in the desert

The Truth holding the green goo stolen by Carl Johnson in the mission Green Goo.

The Truth discovers that Carl is working for government agent Michael "Mike" Toreno, which he is disappointed in him for, but remains enthusiastic as he rallies Carl to collect a mysterious, all-important vial of blob-and-slime with help from a jetpack Carl would steal for him from a confidential government base, Area 69, which Toreno had previously directed Carl to courier to fellow agents. When Carl recovers the vial for him, he excitedly proclaims "Everything is different now" and that people will refer to 1992 as "Year Zero". The Truth later calls into the Area 53 radio show stating that he has held alien life "in my own hands", which may be a reference to the vial. However, he never speaks of it again in subsequent appearances.

Time in Los Santos

The Truth, with Maccer, Carl Johnson, Madd Dogg, Kendl Johnson, Cesar Vialpando and Sweet during the mission Riot.

Carl later receives a phone call from The Truth, who is in Los Santos and unsure of how he got there, after a night on a "peyote safari" with a band and its manager, having himself woken up alone after the party in a "Japanese bath-house about an hour ago". He asks Carl to find them and make sure they're safe, which later provides Carl a way into working at Caligula's Palace, a casino run by mafiosos.

The Truth remains with the Johnson family after Carl moves back to Los Santos and secures his brother Sean "Sweet" Johnson's release. Later on, towards the end of the story, he joins the Johnsons, British singer and musician Maccer and Cesar at Carl's managerial client and recovering rapper Madd Dogg's mansion to watch Tenpenny's trial on television, which had become a national spectacle by the time. The instant his acquittal is announced, riots break out in the city. Days later, Tenpenny dies in an apparent fire truck crash on the cul-de-sac of Grove Street, the Johnsons' longtime residence, which The Truth is coincidentally there to see in person. He congratulates Carl on Tenpenny's death, saying "he beat the system" and that "he's an icon".


Mission appearances

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