Fortside, as viewed to the east from over a rail bridge utilized by the B/E Bohan Line.

Fortside is a middle class residential neighborhood geographically located in central Bohan, Liberty City. Its boundaries, starting from the north and moving clockwise are: the Grand Boulevard (Boulevard) to the north, Attica Avenue (Bohan Industrial) to the east, Switch Street (South Bohan) to the south, and the Humboldt River to the West. However, despite Fortside's middle class intentions.

Land use and terrain

On the west side of the neighborhood is Fortside's most urban area, dominated by high rise buildings (the apartment projects east of San Quentin Avenue and south of the elevated train tracks, spanning from Fortside into neighboring South Bohan), as well as its industrial sector north of the tracks and a small promenade along the water's edge.

East of San Quentin Avenue, the housing stock changes from tall, public housing apartments to smaller, private duplexes and townhouses, often set flush to the sidewalk. The apartments on the Grand Boulevard are often taller. Folsom Way, which runs through the heart of Fortside, provides access to many groceries, laundromats, and other small, independent businesses. For Bohan shoppers looking to purchase new goods without leaving the borough, Fortside is likely the first place they visit due to the number of businesses present in the neighborhood representative of Fordham Road in Bronx.


Folsom Way is the primary thoroughfare street through Fortside.

The Liberty City Subway has a stop in Fortside along San Quentin Avneue between Drop and Applejack Streets. The station is served by the B/E Bohan Line at all times, offering quick access to Algonquin. A police precinct is located at Mill Street and Applejack Street, just a short walk from the San Quentin Avenue train station.


Fortside is most likely based on the Bronx, New York's Fordham neighborhood. The commercial heart of Fortside to the west, however, is comparable to The Bronx's Hub, albeit hillier.