Stunt Boat Challenge

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Stunt Boat Challenge
Umberto Robina meeting Tommy Vercetti and asking him to prove himself in a boat challenge.

Umberto Robina meeting Tommy Vercetti and asking him to prove himself in a boat challenge.
Game GTA Vice City
For Umberto Robina
Target Complete a boat challenge.
Location Little Havana, Vice City
Fail Death of Tommy Vercetti
Arrest of Tommy Vercetti
Death of Rico
Destruction of the Speeder
Failing to finish within time limit
Reward $1,000
Unlocks Cannon Fodder
Juju Scramble
Unlocked by Two Bit Hit

Stunt Boat Challenge is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Cubans leader Umberto Robina from his father's café in Little Havana, Vice City.


Tommy Vercetti arrives at Café Robina in Little Havana after being requested to do so by Cubans leader Umberto Robina, who was impressed after learning that he had killed chef and hitman Leo Teal, whose number he had phoned. Vercetti and Robina exchange insults, with Robina claiming that Vercetti is a female and Vercetti asking whether Robina prefers men. Robina asks if he can drive with Vercetti responding that he can. Robina, however, remains unsure and tells him to meet Rico to take part in a boat challenge.

Vercetti leaves Alberto Robina's café and drives to a small jetty on Leaf Links where he meets Rico. The two then get on to the boat with Vercetti completing the challenge by driving the boat across Vice City. The two return to the small jetty where Rico tells him that he is 'the man' and leaves.


(Café Robina: Tommy Vercetti and Umberto and Alberto Robina)

Alberto Robina: Si, men?

Umberto Robina: Hey, easy Papi. This man's for me. You, you the boy? Oh yeh. You the boy. I think so, you know?

Tommy Vercetti: No. I don't think I do.

Umberto Robina: Oh yeah? You come here, tough guy. You think you can take me on? You think you can play stupid with me?

Tommy Vercetti: No, I think you're playing plenty stupid enough for both of us.

Alberto Robina: Hey, he call you dumb, son.

Umberto Robina: And I call him a little girl, Papi. Look at him, all dressed up like that. What is this, ladies night? You some kind of tough guy, you dress like a woman? You got on panties like a woman too. Huh?

Tommy Vercetti: What you got against women? You prefer men, big boy?

Umberto Robina: I like women! I like all women! I love my mother, chico!

Tommy Vercetti: All right, all right. I'll take your word for it, relax.

Umberto Robina: Can you drive, amigo?

Tommy Vercetti: Yeah... like a woman.

Umberto Robina: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Very funny! I like you, big boy. Maybe you can help. Maybe you can prove you a man, huh? Take out the boat. Show me you got some big cojones and not some little bitty chiquita ones.

(With Rico, by the river)

Rico: Hey. I'm Rico. You the man with the big cojones?

Tommy Vercetti: Tommy Vercetti. Let's go...

Rico: Ok man, treat her like a woman.

(On the boat course)

Rico: You call yourself a man, man?


Rico: You a little scaredy kitten, baby boy. Go cry to your mommy!


Rico: Not bad, you're a real man.


Rico: Man, you the man, man. I like you man. I like you a lot! Any time man, cause you got big cojones. And all my friends have big cojones. You got real big cojones, amigo.

Post-mission phone call

Auntie Poulet: Tommy, 'nuf dead man been chattin' about you, my dear. Thought you might need something to make you feel better. So Auntie Poulet make you some stew, aye? Come by me kitchen some time, ok Tommy?


The reward for completion of the mission is $1,000 and the missions Cannon Fodder and Juju Scramble are unlocked.


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