Test Drive

Test Drive
Carl Johnson and Cesar Vialpando head to Otto's Autos to seize two wanted cars
Carl Johnson and Cesar Vialpando head to Otto's Autos to seize two wanted cars

Carl Johnson and Cesar Vialpando head to Otto's Autos to seize two wanted cars
Game GTA San Andreas
For Cesar Vialpando
Target Return two wanted cars to Wang Cars.
Location San Fierro
Fail Losing sight of Cesar
Death of Carl Johnson
Arrest of Carl Johnson
Death of Cesar Vialpando
Reward $5000
Elegy and Sultan in Wang Cars Showroom
Unlocks Customs Fast Track
Unlocked by Zeroing In

Test Drive is a playably voluntary but canonically mandatory storyline mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by Mexican-American Varrios Los Aztecas gang leader Cesar Vialpando from Carl's garage in the Doherty district of San Fierro, San Andreas.


Cesar has found two more cars on the wishlist. He suggests that he and Carl go to an automobile showroom across town.

Carl drives the two of them to Otto's Autos in Downtown. On the way, Cesar tells him that he, along with Kendl, enjoys the ambience of San Fierro, and that it has "something gentle about it". He also asks him stuff about The Truth, with Carl responding that though he may be weird, his sayings may be somehow true.

They eventually arrive at Otto's Autos. They go to the second floor, and are greeted by a dealer. He does them a favor of leaving them alone, while the two steal a Sultan and an Elegy. Carl follows Cesar throughout the city, all while being chased by the cops. After a lengthy ride, they make it back to the garage in Doherty.


(Dwayne and Jethro are seen staring at a Remington and exchanging cigarettes when Cesar arrives, causing Jethro to throw it away. Carl is also present there.)

Cesar: Hey Carl, there's two cars on the list, ese, and they're in the showroom across town, let's go get them!

CJ: I've always admired your direct approach, hombre.

Cesar: (outside) OK, let's go get those wheels!

(Once having hopped over into a vehicle, they start having a conversation.)

Cesar: I like this place, you know.

CJ: Where?

Cesar: San Fierro, man. My home will always be the Varrios and El Corona, but this city, it has something gentle about it.

CJ: Yeah, I know what you mean. Kendl seems to like it to, you know?

Cesar: Oh yeah, she's really getting her head into this business thing.

CJ: That's good, she's always been the brains in the family. She should get out the ghetto and make something of herself.

Cesar: I think she's aiming to make something out of ALL of us, eh!

CJ: Yeah, she's the moms of the family now...

Cesar: Hey, who's this 'Truth' guy, holmes? I don't think he's wrapped too tight!

CJ: He just sees everything from a different perspective, that's all. At first I thought he was just another acid casualty fruit cake. But some of the things he say... I don't know, man, it ain't all bullshit...

Cesar: You gonna become an alien hunter, holmes?

CJ: I'll take a rain check on that one.

(Carl and Cesar arrive at Otto's Autos showroom.)

Cesar: This is the place! Hey man, the cars are upstairs! They're on the second floor.

CJ: Second floor? Aw great! Why is nothing ever easy?

(Carl and Cesar walk upstairs.)

Dealer: Can I help you two, errr, gentlemen?

CJ: Yeah, you can help by going to help some other motherfucker.

Dealer: Y- yeah, that sounds like a good idea!

Cesar: Alright, CJ, it's time to roll! It's follow the leader, you better keep up!

(Cesar drives out of the window in an Elegy.)

CJ: Aw, you a maniac, ese!

(Whilst on their respective vehicles and out of the showroom, they make chase back to the garage.)

Cesar: Hey, CJ, is this walkie talkie working?

CJ: Yeah, reading you loud and clear!

Cesar: C'mon, CJ, see if you can keep up with Cesar Vialpando! Beat the tram up the hill! Piece of chocolate cake!

(Carl and Cesar continue to ride around the city.)

Cesar: This tram driver must be shittng himself, holmes!

(San Fierro Police Department cars with teams of cops arrive waiting at the border of Calton Heights.)

Cesar: Hello cops, what took you, eh?

(A 2-star wanted level is attained. Carl and Cesar continue to ride around the city.)

Cesar: Hey, CJ, watch this... NITRO!

(Carl and Cesar continue to ride around the city.)

Cesar: Follow me down the hill, holmes!

(Carl and Cesar continue to ride around the city.)

CJ: OK, Cesar, that's enough fun. Let's get these cars back to the garage!

Cesar: OK, CJ, hey, I know a quick route!

(Carl and Cesar continue to make their way back to the garage, but have a huge insane jump down in the process.)

Cesar: Holy SHIIIIIIIT! Fuck, holmes, did you see that!

CJ: Can we think about getting back before I end up in a carwreck barbeque?

Cesar: Sure thing, holmes.

(Carl and Cesar continue to make their way back to the garage.)

Cesar: There's a shotcut this way!

(Carl and Cesar continue to make their way back to the garage through an alleyway, but cops come blocking the path.)

Cesar: Uh-oh, more cops! BACK UP, HOLMES, BACK UP! BACK UP!

(Carl and Cesar escape the police.)

Cesar: OK, we're good! See you back at the garage, CJ!


The rewards for completing this mission are an increase in respect and $5000. The mission Customs Fast Track is unlocked. The Elegy and the Sultan will now spawn in the Wang Cars showroom.


1. Monster ---- 2. Zeroing In ---- 3. Highjack ---- 4. Test Drive ---- 5. Interdiction ---- 6. Customs Fast Track

However, for doing so, it is important that the post-mission phone call preceding Interdiction be avoided till the time the player completes the mission.


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