The Meat Business/Script

The following is the script of the The Meat Business mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Ken Rosenberg: Oh, ha ha ha ha! Baby, I'm back, I AM BACK! Let's get this show on the road!

Kent Paul: The good Doctor has revived the patient! Sweet as, my son, sweet as!

Carl Johnson: So everything's straight now?

Ken Rosenberg: No! Absolutely not! I'm still screwed! Absolutely screwed, but at least now I'm in the right frame of mind. What the fuck are we going to do? Any minute now, some Mafia bullet is going to splatter my brains all over the wall! My wall, my beautiful wall...

Maccer: Ooh, you missed a bit. I'll have that.

Tony: Forgeddaboudit.

Ken Rosenberg: Oh, that's a great idea, Tony, but you know what? It ain't going to work, OK? Not this time... (mumbles)

Carl Johnson: Look, man, relax, get a grip...

Ken Rosenberg: Yeah, you're right, I need to get a grip!

Carl Johnson: Take control...

Ken Rosenberg: Yes, grab the bull by the horns!

Carl Johnson: And show everybody who's boss...

Ken Rosenberg: I'm the boss! I-am-the-boss!

Carl Johnson: Alright then!

Ken Rosenberg: All right! Let's tear this town up!

Carl Johnson: That's what I'm sayin'! So, where we going?

Ken Rosenberg: Details, details! Let's just get there!

Kent Paul: Rack them up, Maccer. What's the matter with you?

(Carl and Ken hop on a vehicle)

Carl Johnson: OK, boss man, where to?

Ken Rosenberg: We're going to pay the Sindacco's a visit. See how Johnny is, win him over with some (sniff) kind words during his convalescence. I've gotta get out of this game. Shit, my nose is pissing like a race horse (sniff). That is really good stuff. Hey drive faster, would you please? C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, what are you, an old lady?

Carl Johnson: So you trying to get out?

Ken Rosenberg: Yes. God, yes. I want to do something safe and legal and boring, with people that like me. And have a wife and some kids and get divorced and fight for weekend access, like everybody else.

Carl Johnson: Listen. I'll see what I can do.

Ken Rosenberg: Thanks, I'm just so tired of all this life or death bullshit. (sniff) Oh, shit, shit's all down my (sniff) damned shirt, and everything. Oh, that's my best shirt too, doesn't this shirt look good on me?

(Both arrive at the destination)

Ken Rosenberg: OK, let's get this over with. I'm the boss, I am the boss! I'm the boss, I am the boss! Yeah, (sniff) yeah...

(Carl and Ken enter the abattoir, Carl hangs beck)

Ken Rosenberg: What's going on? You forget something?

Carl Johnson: No - look, you go on in, I'm gonna wait.

Ken Rosenberg: Look, you gotta come with me this once. If I pull this off, I can carry on, I know I can, but please, you gotta come with me - I'm gonna squirt my ass all over the floor! Just this once pleasepleasepleaseplease...

Carl Johnson: Okay, okay - chill! Shit, this can't look good. Listen, everything's gonna be OK. Just remember; you're the boss!

Ken Rosenberg: I'm the boss? I'm the boss. I'm the boss. I'm the boss! I am the boss!

(Carl and Ken arrive at the room where Johnny is resting)

Ken Rosenberg: Hey, boys. Tell your boss that Ken Rosenberg is here to see him.

Doorman 1: Ken who?

Ken Rosenberg: K-Ken Rosenberg... Ken Rosenberg! The guy that runs this town!

(Doorman 1 goes into Johnny's room)

Ken Rosenberg: So, uh, how's Johnny?

Doorman 2: He's doing much better, yeah. He ate something this morning.

(Johnny comes out of his room in a wheelchair)

Johnny Sindacco: Heeyyy, Ken... Ah, Christ, this fucking thing... Ken... Como esta e, eh, how you doing?

Ken Rosenberg: Pretty good. And you?

Johnny Sindacco: Ah, still got a little bit of the night terrors, touch of diarrhea, but I'll get through it.

Ken Rosenberg: Huh, diarrhea, cool! Yeah...

Johnny Sindacco: And who's this...?

(Carl, who has been standing in shadow, steps forward)

Carl Johnson: How you doing, Johnny?

Johnny Sindacco: It's fucking him... It's him! Oh my God... Oh God... It's him... Aaargghh! My heart! Euchh... my heart...

(Johnny falls to the floor, wheezing and clutching his chest)

Carl Johnson: Damn, that nigga's fucked up!

(Sindaccos attack Ken and Carl)

Carl Johnson: Shit, they've started a fire to keep us back! There must be an extinguisher here somewhere, find it!

Ken Rosenberg: Carl, leave no witnesses or we're dead meat!

(Ken gets the fire extinguisher)

Ken Rosenberg: Got the extinguisher, I got the extinguisher! Take those guys out and I'll put out the flames! Stand back, I' gonna blast these flames!

(Ken extinguishes the flames)

Ken Rosenberg: Well, what are you waiting for?

(Ken sees Carl's actions)

Ken Rosenberg: Screw this, I'm going to hide in the freezer!

(Carl continues to attack the thugs)

Ken Rosenberg: This is so exciting, Tommy, it's like old times!

Carl Johnson: Who the fuck is Tommy?

(Carl does more shooting)

Ken Rosenberg: Holy fuck, what is it about my luck? I'm screwed!

(Carl continues attack the thugs)

Ken Rosenberg: We gotta do something!

(Carl kills more thugs)

Ken Rosenberg: Well done, CJ!

(Both continue to make their way out)

Ken Rosenberg: Shit, this is insane!

(Once Carl has killed all thugs in the first area)

Carl Johnson: OK, it's clear!

Ken Rosenberg: I'm never doin' drugs again, never ever, ever ever!

(Once Carl has killed everyone)

Carl Johnson: The exit's through the stock house.

(Once outside)

Ken Rosenberg: Shit, we gotta get the fuck outta here! We need some wheels! Get me back to Caligula's!

Carl Johnson: You calm down, and follow my lead.

Ken Rosenberg: Holy fuck, man, we work well as a team togeteher, huh, CJ? You and me, tearing this town up. Nobody can stop us, nobody in the world!

Carl Johnson: Johnny's a done deal. And so is his gang.

Ken Rosenberg: Too fucking right they are, dumb pussies! Oh fuck! I'm screwed! I'm fucking screwed! What the fuck am I going to do? Shit, shit, SHIIIIT....

Carl Johnson: You just got to hang in there. Play it dumb. I'll figure out a way to get you out of this.

Ken Rosenberg: Just drop me at the airport!

Carl Johnson: Nah man, they gotta think you dead. I'll think of something. I promise.

(Both arrive at Caligula's)

Carl Johnson: Get in there, and be cool. Like you been out for a relaxing drive or something.

Ken Rosenberg: Calm, yeah, calm. I'm calm. REAL FUCKING calm! I'm calm, Mr. Calm, Mr. Calm, that's me, Mr. Calm.