Turtle Head Fishing Co.

Turtle Head Fishing Co.
The warehouse in Pike Creek.
The warehouse in Pike Creek.

The warehouse in Pike Creek.
Location(s) Callahan Point, Liberty City
Pike Creek, Liberty City
Gang affiliation Triads
Mission appearance(s) Blow Fish


The factory in Callahan Point.

The Turtle Head Fishing Co. is a company presumably specializing in fisheries, being based out of Turtle Head Fish Factory in Callahan Point and operated by the Liberty City Triads.


The factory is accessible with the Triad Fish Van or the Trashmaster. Inside the compound are various fish vans and an infinite amount of Triad gangsters. It is believed to be the Triads main income source, and most likely used for the movement/processing of drugs (SPANK).

In 1998, during the events of GTA Liberty City Stories, the site was controlled by the Leone Family. When Salvatore Leone sent Toni Cipriani to collect some money the Triads were already at the factory and destroyed the building. After the explosion, Toni collected the money from around the factory while killing Triads and managed to escape.

In 2001, during the events of Grand Theft Auto III, Claude was ordered by Toni Cipriani to blow up the same factory. When the factory was blown up, the war between the Leone Family and Triads ended and Triads no longer spawned in the area. In Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale there is another Turtle Head Fishing Co. but it is unknown if this one is operated by the Triads or not.

Notable appearances


  • The gas canisters of the warehouse were the targets of the missions "Blow Fish" in GTA III and "The Trouble with Triads" in GTA Liberty City Stories. This was the cause for the warehouse being destroyed during the events of GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA III.
  • Though the gate to the factory is closed, the workers are armed with pistols.
  • The direct Chinese translation of "Turtle Head" is "龜頭", which means penis in spoken Cantonese.