In Grand Theft Auto V, there are four UFOs that can be found. Three of these only appear once the player has achieved 100% completion.

The underwater UFO

A sunken UFO can be found in the Pacific Ocean north-east of Paleto Bay. It can be found on the sea, coated in a layer of grime and seaweed. This is the only UFO that doesn't require 100% completion to appear, and the only one that doesn't respond to the player's presence.

The Mount Chiliad UFO

If the player stands on the viewing platform atop Mount Chiliad at 3:00 am while it is raining, a spinning UFO will materialise above the mountain south of the player. This UFO is of the same model as the sunken UFO, but with lights and FIB markings. The UFO will gradually disappear as the player moves closer to it, and it is not solid, as can be seen if the player fires a rocket launcher through it.

The hippy camp UFO

A third UFO can be found above the alien-themed art installation at the "hippy camp" outside Sandy Shores. It hovers at the game's maximum aircraft altitude, and will disable the engines of the player's aircraft if they fly too close to it. It is possible to drop down on top of it, but the player will be catapulted into the air if they attempt to walk to its centre. This UFO is identical in design to the Mount Chiliad UFO.

The Fort Zancudo UFO

The final UFO can be found directly above a bunker in Fort Zancudo - a green spinning light will be projected onto the building's roof at 3:00 am to mark its position. The UFO hovers at approximately two thirds of the maximum altitude, and has the same effects on the player as the hippy camp UFO. This UFO is of a completely different design to the other three, and features the phrase "Segregate and Rearrange" written on it.


  • Ron Jakowski correctly assumes that the UFOs are using cloaking devices. He can be heard saying this while scanning the skies with binoculars outside of Trevor Philips' trailer.

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