Midtown Gangsters

Midtown Gangsters
A Midtown gangster
Games: GTA IV
The Ballad of Gay Tony
GTA Chinatown Wars
Locations: Alderney City, Alderney
Northern Gardens, Bohan (2009 - present)
Industrial, Bohan (2009 - present)
Little Bay, Bohan (2009 - present)
Leader: Kim Young-Guk
Type: Korean Crime Syndicate
Enemies: Gambetti Family
Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers
Affiliations: Triads (formerly)
Wonsu Nodong
Derrick McReary
Vehicles: Sultan
Weapons: Knife; Pistol; Uzi; Shotgun
Businesses: Counterfeiting; Drug dealing
Fronts: Mr. Fuks Ricebox, building in Bohan
Members: Kim Young-Guk

The Midtown Gangsters are a Korean crime syndicate that operates in Liberty City. In 2008, Niko Bellic and Derrick McReary assisted one of their associates, Kim Young-Guk, in a counterfeiting operation. However, Niko later killed Kim on orders from Jon Gravelli. In addition to their counterfeiting operation the LCPD database suggested that they are also involved in the drug trade and are supplied by the Triads. The gang shares their Alderney City turf with the Spanish Lords, however, they have been known to shoot each other.

In 2009, the Midtown Gangsters are also located in the borough of Bohan in Liberty City. For many years, the group had been working for the Triads in Liberty City. However, in 2009, the Triads' leader Hsin Jaoming suspected the Midtown Gangsters of ratting the Triads out to the police and had Huang Lee find out of this was true, resulting in the deaths of many Koreans.

Additionally, Wade Heston, a corrupt police officer who was helping Huang, told him that the Midtown Gangsters were working for the person ratting the Triads out. In the quest for finding the rat, many more Midtown Gangsters and most of the gang's underbosses were killed by Huang. Eventually, Wade and Huang found out about a meeting in which the leader was involved and went there. When they arrived, Huang found out that his own uncle Wu was the Koreans' boss. In a long chase, Huang killed Wu in Hsin Jaoming's penthouse.

The Wonsu Nodong are a group of Korean assassins that operate within the Midtown Gangsters in Liberty City. In 2009, they ambushed Personal Investigator officer Wade Heston, who was rescued by Huang Lee.


  • Nodong is an actual place in North Korea, implying that there might be a connection between them and the Midtown Gangsters in Alderney. Nodong can also be a play on the words no dong, as in no penis.
  • In the real New York City, Koreans have territory in a small Koreatown in Midtown, Manhattan; Woodside, Queens and largest community in northeastern Flushing, Queens. There are no Korean presence in Bronx but territory was given to Koreans based in Bronx in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars due to the fact that the large Flushing, Queens Korean territory is not displayed on the Liberty City map.
  • The Midtown Gangsters are possibly based on Jopok or Kkgangpae, Korean mobsters or street thugs.