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The Boatyard
The Boatyard in GTA Vice City.
Appearances: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Name: The Boatyard
Owner: Tommy Vercetti
Type of Business: Boatyard
Location: Viceport, Vice City

The Boatyard is, as the name states, a boatyard in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It is located in Viceport, Vice City, a short walk away from the Viceport Military Garage, Phil's Depot and the Vice City Port Authority office.

Role in storyline

The Boatyard constructed speedboats for specific buyers. The Boatyard built the fastest boat in Vice City for the head of the Costa Rican Gang, but Tommy Vercetti broke into the Boatyard to steal the boat under orders of Ricardo Diaz during mission "The Fastest Boat". Before being purchased by Tommy Vercetti, the Boatyard was owned and run by Dwaine and Jethro. Later in 1986, Tommy Vercetti bought the Boatyard for $10,000, prompting them to leave Vice City for the state of San Andreas.

Tommy uses the Boatyard as a port of entry for the cocaine shipments, which he then proceeds to distribute in Vice City. When Tommy finishes the boat race in Checkpoint Charlie, the business will generate up to $2,000 every day as an asset.

Purchase script

(Tommy Vercetti looks around the seemingly empty boatyard.)

Tommy Vercetti: Hello? Hel-lo?! Hello?

(From a boat above)

Dwaine: Put it out. There's a dude here. (Calling down to Vercetti) Hey suit dude! I guess you're the new owner?

Tommy Vercetti: Yeah. Which one of the boats is the fastest?

Dwaine: It's already in the water, dude. I thought you might want to try her out. Dude, she's already running with a 300 horse power engine...

Jethro: ... and the fiberglass hull, she just shoots through the waves!

Dwaine: She can do like zero to sixty in four seconds flat dude...

Jethro: ... and she can hold like twenty bales of the best Jamaican smoke right in the hull!

(Vercetti turns around and walks away)

Dwaine: So go ahead dude, she's ready to fly!

Jethro: Yo yo, uh, suit dude, you gotta light? Dude? Dude?



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