Wear Flowers in Your Hair

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Wear Flowers in Your Hair
Kendl Johnson persuades CJ and Cesar to develop the garage

Kendl Johnson persuades CJ and Cesar to develop the garage
Game GTA San Andreas
For Carl Johnson
Location San Fierro
Unlocks 555 We Tip
Unlocked by Are You Going to San Fierro?

Wear Flowers in Your Hair is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas started by protagonist Carl Johnson from his garage in Doherty, San Fierro, San Andreas.


Carl, Cesar, Kendl and The Truth enter the garage in San Fierro. CJ is furious that Claude gave him this run down, old Xoomer station (the Doherty Garage) instead of a pink slip when he won the race. It clearly isn't a garage, but Kendl is determined to make it into a garage. It would take a lot of hard work, but she manages to persuade CJ, and they decide to give it a go. If you are going to make this place into a garage, you will need a few workmen. Truth knows of a few acquaintances who can help turn the garage into a successful chop-shop and has Carl drive to specific locations in the city to meet them; eventually, the duo succeed in convincing Dwaine, Jethro, and Zero to join the venture.

During the drive, Truth asks Carl to make a few seemingly random stops to monitor the activities of some mysterious vans. One of the stops he asks Carl to make is directly in front of San Fierro Medical Center, where The Truth admonishes the other passengers to "think about a yellow rubber duck" as a van emerges from the medical center's parking lot. Without explanation, The Truth urges Carl on to the next stop.


(CJ, Cesar, The Truth and Kendl are entering CJ's garage in San Fierro.)

CJ: Mother-fucker! That mute asshole! That fucking snake without a tongue! Gave me this shit-hole instead of a pink slip? I must be the biggest fucking idiot in the whole fucking world!

Cesar: Holmes, take it easy. At least we're alive.

The Truth: Carl, friend, fellow traveler, relax, man. You're really killing my fucking vibe here!

CJ: Well, I'm sorry I'm fucking up your vibe, old man, but I can't wait to get my hands on that mute (to Cesar) and your bitch ass cousin.

Cesar: My cousin? You're gonna dis' my familia?

CJ: My bad, man. I'm just pissed for all of us. I mean look, we in a strange place, we got shit to our name, and for once I try to make something work, this garage, and it ain't even a garage.

Kendl: Then make it into a garage.

CJ: Oh, that's a great idea, sis! Why don't you shut up?

Kendl: You know what, Carl, you are a fucking idiot. Your whole life you've wanted something for nothing. Now you've got something, and you don't know what to do with it. Well, make it good enough. We'll help, right?

Cesar: We got your back, CJ.

Kendl: C'mon stop tripping, man. (to CJ and Cesar) Both of you.

The Truth: Woah man, the energy here - it's fantastic. Ommmmm...

CJ: Yeah, alright, but how am I gonna find some good mechanics to work up in here, man?

The Truth: I know a few guys. Come with me, friend. They're good people, I swear it.

CJ: Oh, man - I'm about to ride with this fool again?

(CJ and The Truth are outside CJ's garage.)

The Truth: C'mon, man, there's these two guys I know - used to work on marine engines, 'til the mob bought their business over in Vice. Now they try and make ends meet by taking any old job. They're a little bit dulled by their habit, but the smoke don't get in the way of their skills with an engine. We'll pick up Jethro first. Last I heard, he was working at a garage over Easter Basin way.

(CJ and The Truth pull up at a gas station. Jethro is working under a car.)

The Truth: Hey, Jethro! Hop in, man. I've landed you a real job.

Jethro: Hey there Truth dude! Oh man, do I owe you? Coz I swear I paid for that weed, dude!

The Truth: No, man, we're good, I think. Jethro, Carl. Carl, Jethro.

CJ: Whassup, man?

The Truth: Can we swing by the hospital, it's over in Santa Flora district, west of here.

CJ: Yeah, you sick?

The Truth: No. The government is, but that's a long story.

(CJ, The Truth and Jethro pull up outside the hospital.)

CJ: What we here for, anyway?

The Truth: Nothin'. Ooh, don't look. Cover your faces. Think about a yellow rubber duck.

(A van pulls out from the hospital.)

CJ: You tripping again.

The Truth: Sshhh!

(The van drives past them and goes.)

The Truth: OK, I've seen enough. Let's go see if we can find Dwaine. He's working a hotdog van at the tram terminal in King's.

(CJ, The Truth and Jethro pull up outside a hotdog van where Dwaine is.)

The Truth: Dude, Dwaine, man, how's the hotdog business?

Dwaine: It's totally shit. Why, what's happenin'?

The Truth: Uh, my friend Carl here is opening a chop shop. Jethro's in, how about you?

Dwaine: Ah yeah, cool man. Uh I've got like some shit to take care of first though. So uh, you tell me where you guys are going to be at and I'll meet you dudes there.

CJ: The garage is on the waste grounds in Doherty. I'll see y'all later.

The Truth: OK, next stop the cop station downtown.

CJ: What? You out your mind! Why?

The Truth: If I told you, the likelihood is you'd get a probe up your ass within a month.

Jethro: Like, listen to the man, dude, he's real serious about that shit.

CJ: Wuh? OK, but you're starting to freak me out with all that space shit, man.

(CJ, The Truth and Jethro are outside the police station.)

The Truth: OK, you know the drill. Don't look interested in anything.

(The same van that came out of the hospital pulls around the corner.)

The Truth: Picture a pink golf ball in your mind.

(The van goes down the street and away from them.)

The Truth: OK, we're good to go.

CJ: Where to next, Spacehead?

The Truth: There's an electronics guy I've had dealings with, goes by the name of Zero. He could fix a supercomputer with a paperclip. He's got his own shop, but he's always ready to help fellow travellers along the path.

(CJ, The Truth and Jethro pull up outside Zero's shop. Zero is sat on a bench outside his shop.)

Zero: Leave me alone Berkley! This is stalking! Oh, hey, Truth.

The Truth: Get in, I'll fill you in as we drive. Home, James!

(CJ, The Truth, Jethro and Zero pull into CJ's garage.)

Carl: OK, we here.

(All five men walk into CJ's garage, now including Dwaine. Cesar and Kendl are already in there.)

CJ: A week of hard work and we'll transform this place. Hey, Cesar! Come over here.

Cesar: Whassup, B?

CJ: Cesar, this is Jethro, Dwaine and Zero.

Dwaine: Hey man.

Jethro: Dude.

Zero: Salutations, my sibling!

Cesar: Horale, let's get to work.

Kendl: Hey Carl, look - I think I found a way for us to get paid.

CJ: I ain't going to no college to study no accounting!

Kendl: No, idiot, property!

CJ: Decorating ain't exactly my thing, either.

Kendl: No, property development! Look, you buy a dump like this, fix it up and sell it. Or better yet, you turn the property into a business. The snowball gets bigger...

CJ: I dunno, sis, this all sounds big time to me.

Kendl: Look, Carl, this place is gonna get on its feet, and when it does, we are gonna have money. If you want to make something of yourself, you gotta let your money work for you.

CJ: Look, I wouldn't even know where to start.

Kendl: Look, you two concentrate on the garage, and let me work the property thing, OK?

Cesar: Yeah, that's my baby girl right there, holmes!

CJ: Man, you chose her, I'm stuck with her!


There is no reward for this mission, but the mission 555 We Tip is unlocked. Also, Zero calls you and says that his landlord is selling his shop. Presuming that you bought it (for $30,000), the mission Air Raid is unlocked.


  • If Zero is killed, he will drop Satchel Charges. The "remote control" he has is actually the Detonator for the Satchel Charges.
  • Sometimes, about 1 of 10 Zero's model is missing when you drive at his place. There's another model instead Zero and the game will crash. This glitch occurs also in some other missions, but specifically in this mission.
  • There is a reference to the game GTA: Vice City, The Truth tells Carl about the Jethro and Dwaine who works around San Fierro because the mob bought their business in Vice City. A reference to Tommy Vercetti, who might have bought Jethro and Dwaine's Boatyard in Vice City, forcing them to leave the city and later end up in San Fierro.
  • During the mission, if Carl leaves the car, The Truth talks to him using the same distorted voice as Mike Toreno.
  • The name of the mission - along with the mission Are You Going To San Fierro? which unlocks the mission - is a reference to the Scott McKenzie song "San Francisco (Be sure to wear flowers in your hair)".
  • In the last cutscene the song heard playing in the background is "Check Your Self" by Ice Cube, the song could also be heard on Radio Los Santos.
  • You can get off the car and shoot to destroy Zero's toy, he will still sit there and seems to play his toy.


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