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This page documents characters in Grand Theft Auto games who were remodelled, renamed or removed before their respective games were released. Evidence of the changes is often found within the game files or in prerelease information.

Deleted Characters

These are characters that were planned to be in the game, but were removed during development. Models and dialogue that can be attributed to some of these characters can be found in the files of their respective games.


A hobo who was to give the protagonist missions involving bringing down the city's infrastructure. He and his missions were removed from the final game (believed by many to be due to the 9/11 attacks), but his model remains in the game files, and his voice actor is named in the game's credits.

A character removed for unknown reasons. Like Darkel, his voice actor is named in the game's credits.

The model for this character, believed to be based on Tom Novy, can be found in the game's files. His purpose is unknown.

The model for a butler who doesn't appear in the final game can be found in the game's files.

  • Children and Elders with walkers

Early previews of the game implied that these two groups of pedestrians were to feature in GTA III. No evidence of their existence can be found in the game's files, suggesting they were removed early on in development.

GTA Vice City

Dialogue in the game's text files suggests that this character was to give the protagonist a mission. He apparantly knew Tommy before the events of the game. and Moffat has found himself on the run again in Vice City. Moffat was scheduled to appear in a mission, where Tommy would help him escape.[1]

GTA San Andreas

An LSPD officer who was to be killed in the mission Doberman for attempting to bring down C.R.A.S.H.

A character who the protagonist was to rescue from Officer Carver.

An LVPD motor officer who had dialogue removed from the mission Cop Wheels.


Alberga was a mobster cut during the development of GTA IV. Possibly, this was the beta name of Ray Boccino.

Remodelled Characters

These are characters that were remodelled during development ranging from protagonists to pedestrians.

  • Claude's appearance went through many different designs, as seen through various early sketches and screenshots.
  • The Portland Triads originally had a black outfit with tattoos.
  • Police officers originally had mustaches.
  • Asuka Kasen's original name was Kemuri.

Maria originally wore a leopard print crop top and black miniskirt with hoop earrings with jewellery and have had longer hair. Catalina originally wore a skirt and leggings. There was a character called Butler but he never made the final cut, no one knows what his purpose was but many believe he was Salvatore Leone's butler. Misty originally wore a black miniskirt, red bra and a white jacket with gold high heels.

GTA Vice City
  • Tommy Vercetti was older, fatter and wore a blue Hawaiian shirt.
  • Haitian gangsters who wore blue shirts used to have a picture on their shirt instead of the word "Relax".
GTA San Andreas
  • Sweet was originally dressed in black and wore a black beanie.
  • Big Smoke wore a white jersey and did not wear a hat, exposing his shaved head.
  • Kendl Johnson's facial model and clothing were altered.
  • Gang members looked different and wore different clothing.
  • Each city had its own motorcycle cop model; whereas in the final release the same model is used for all cities (the beta cop models can still be found on the game's files).
GTA Liberty City Stories
GTA Vice City Stories
  • Bryan Forbes originally had a mustache.
  • The Casual clothes were originally yellow.

Beta Names

These are characters that their names have been changed for different reasons.

Beta Name Current Name
Mulan 8-Ball
Joey Sorvino Joey Leone
Frankie Sorvino Salvatore Leone
GTA Vice City
Beta Name Current Name
BJ Jones BJ Smith
Fernando Diaz Ricardo Diaz
Beta Name Current Name
Larry Ligner Patrick Ligner
GTA Chinatown Wars
Beta Name Current Name
Lee Leroc Lester Leroc



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