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The following article is a Walkthrough of the mission Cabmaggedon for [[[Kaufman Cabs]] taxi dispatcher Doris in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


Realizing the set up, as Mercedes is nowhere to be found.
A convoy of Vice City Cabs taxis enter.
Tommy escaping from the vengeful VC Cabs Drivers.
The owner of VC Cabs arriving in the Zebra Cab.

Get in to the marked Kaufman Cab, Doris the taxi dispatcher will tell you that a Miss Cortez asked for a taxi. You willing volunteer to pick her.

After the cutscene finishes, you will be given the following instructions:

Go and pick up Mercedes

Drive to the marked compound in your Kaufman Cab. Once you reach the compound, you will be directed towards a pink halo in the middle of the compound. You will then be prompted to sound the horn. Sound the horn. You will then note that there is no sign of Mercedes, and then realize you have been set up, as six VC Cabs drivers enter the area, seeking revenge for the three cars you destroyed during the previous mission. You will now have to survive for a minute.

Stay alive until the timer runs out.

In your cab, drive around the compound continuously for a minute, avoiding the opposing cabs. Avoid driving too close to the waters edge and avoid driving too close against the walls.

Take out the leader cab!

After the minute has passed, the Vice City Cabs lead driver will arrive in his Zebra Cab and attempt to kill you. You now have to take him out. You can do so in three ways:

1. Take out a Minigun, Rocket Launcher or M-60 and destroy the Zebra Cab from a distance.

2. Using a Sniper Rifle or Combat Sniper rifle, snipe out the driver.

3. Drive next to him and perform a drive-by on him until the cab is destroyed.

Once the Vice City Cabs lead driver is dead, the mission is over.

Video Walkthrough

PC Version - GTASeriesVideos