Kaufman Cab

Kaufman Cab
A Kaufman Cab in GTA Vice City.
A Kaufman Cab in GTA Vice City.
(Rear quarter view)
A Kaufman Cab in GTA Vice City.
Appearance(s) GTA Vice City
Vehicle type Taxicab
Body style 4-door sedan
Capacity 4 (driver and 3 passengers)

The Kaufman Cab is a Checker Marathon-based four-door taxicab, appearing in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It is based on the game's Cabbie, so it is similar in design and appearance to the Cabbie, however, it sports a few changes. The Kaufman Cab is, as the name implies, used by the Little Haiti based Kaufman Cabs taxi company in GTA Vice City.



The Kaufman Cab is based on a 1956-82 Checker Marathon taxi; it is presumably based on the '70s and '80s models, considering the games' timelines, however its single headlights are reminiscent of the 1956 Marathon. It is similar in design and appearance to the Cabbie, with both sharing a rounder front end, shorter wheelbase and widener wheel wells than its San Andreas and Liberty City counterparts. It also possesses a mesh grille instead of horizontal grille. The stripe also consists of a dark yellow chevron stripe, instead of the checker pattern. However, the Kaufman Cab has its differences; the Kaufman Cab differs from the standard Cabbie in its weight (the Kaufman Cab is lighter, giving it better acceleration), the "Kaufman Cabs" livery on its side, improved handling and its engine sound (unlike the Cabbie, it emits the sound of a high-performance engine).

Prior to the Kaufman Cabs missions, the Kaufman Cab has a standard radio; after these missions, however, a dispatch radio is heard, with Kaufman Cabs dispatcher Doris communicating with the other drivers. Prior to gaining 100 taxi fares, the Kaufman Cab has a standard horn; after 100 fares, however, the horn is replaced with hydraulics, allowing the Kaufman Cab to jump over cars and spike traps.


The Kaufman Cab is generally slower and heavier than its more modern counterpart, the Taxi. Its handling is also inferior; the vehicle is somewhat unstable under heavy cornering, and its wobbly suspension can make it prone to rolling over, especially when driving at high speeds. These factors make the Cabbie a poor choice for the taxi side-mission, where speed is critical. Some players, however, favor its rear-wheel drive, which is more capable of powersliding in corners. But if the player knows how to control it, its large V8 engine can help you get in a fast getaway.

However, when compared to its close relative the Cabbie, a different story is told. It is faster and lighter than the Cabbie and has more superior handling; the vehicle is somewhat slightly more stable under heavy cornering. The Kaufman Cab is also a surprisingly good car to go off roading with, though it's low ground clearance might be a problem

Taxi side mission


  • Completing the Kaufman Cabs asset in GTA Vice City unlocks the special Zebra Cab, a souped-up Kaufman Cab.
  • The Kaufman Cab is the most common taxi found in Vice City, with the Taxi second and the Cabbie the rarest.


In many cases, Kaufman Cabs are only available as part of city traffic, and are not frequently parked in specific locations. However, once Kaufman Cabs has been purchased by the player, a Kaufman Cab will spawn on the northern half of the depot (when facing towards Downtown). However, once the mission Cabmaggedon has been completed, a Zebra Cab spawns instead of the Kaufman Cab.

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