Didier Sachs

Didier Sachs
Game GTA San Andreas
GTA Liberty City Stories
The Ballad of Gay Tony
GTA Chinatown Wars
Type of business Clothing
Location(s) 3D Universe
Rodeo, Los Santos
HD Universe
Suffolk, Algonquin, Liberty City
Willis, Dukes, Liberty City

Didier Sachs is a recurring high end clothing chain that originally debuted as an interactive clothing outlet in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but is also featured as a non-interactive entity in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and Grand Theft Auto V.


GTA San Andreas

Interior of the sole Didier Sachs in Rodeo, Los Santos, San Andreas.

In GTA San Andreas, Didier Sachs is an upscale clothing store which primarily offers suits of various forms that can be purchase and worn by the player. Fittingly, Didier Sachs retails its items at the highest price points for clothing, and its ultra-luxurious reputation is reflected by the fact that its only outlet in San Andreas is located in Rodeo, Los Santos' high end shopping district (next to Los Santos' Victim outlet).

Access to Didier Sachs is available upon the completion of "Saint Mark's Bistro".

Other games

Since its introduction in GTA San Andreas, Didier Sachs is featured repeatedly as a non-interactive entity in several following games:

Clothing in GTA San Andreas

Didier Sachs in GTA San Andreas is primarily tailored around suits, ranging from traditional tuxedos and three-piece suits to modern varieties (circa early 1990s) with collarless undershirts, as well as fitting shoes and hats (peculiarly, a "Letterman Top" is also offered from the store). The brightly colored collarless suits resemble a red suit popularized by Suge Knight in the early 1990s. In comparison to other clothing stores, Didier Sachs offers the least variety in terms of the types of clothing offered (Instead, most of the clothing are merely recolors of a few types of clothes).

While the price of nearly all major articles of clothing as well as accessories (Chains and Watching) are normally several thousands of dollars each, Hats are available at under $1,000 each.

While wearing clothing from Didier Sachs, the player character will comment about how well he's dressed, and rarely swears, as opposed to a player character who wears cheaper clothing (such as those from Binco, Sub Urban and ProLaps). Didier Sachs's clothing also gives some of the highest sex appeal and respect boosts available, only rivaled by some of Binco's items that give more respect as they fit better with the Grove Street Families' dress code.

For a comprehensive list of clothing available from Didier Sachs in GTA San Andreas, see /Clothing in GTA San Andreas.



  • Despite being the most luxurious clothing outlet, Didier Sachs' interior in GTA San Andreas is the smallest of all clothing stores in the game. This is justified as the outlet is expected to be patronized by fewer customers but is able to make up for it with higher prices and larger profits per customer.

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