Chinese Takeout

Chinese Takeout
Luis takes out the Triads trying to kill him and Tony.
Luis takes out the Triads trying to kill him and Tony.

Luis takes out the Triads trying to kill him and Tony.
Game The Ballad of Gay Tony
For Gay Tony
Reward $1000
Unlocks Blog This!...
Unlocked by I Luv LC

Chinese Takeout is a mission in The Ballad of Gay Tony. It is given to the protagonist Luis Lopez by nightclub owner Gay Tony from Maisonette 9 in Westminster, Algonquin, Liberty City.


After the game's introductory mission, Luis receives a text message from Tony to meet him at the Maisonette 9 club. Upon your arrival, you'll watch as Luis heads inside automatically, and waits for Tony to conclude a phone conversation. Hereafter, Tony rushes Luis back outside. It appears he needs to be driven to a location in Chinatown.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description Target score
Time Time taken to complete the mission. 0:05:20
Player damage Damage attained by the player. 10%
Accuracy Amount of accuracy needed by the player. 70%
100% headshots Only headshots were used to kill the Triads. -

Video walkthrough

Xbox 360 Version by GTASeriesVideos



  • Shooting the Chinese mobster after Luis knocks him out, no matter how much or where, will never kill him.
  • When Billy Grey is speaking with the mobster, he is likely arranging the Triad ambush on Johnny, which takes place in that very room. He says that he hopes "his brother" will be taken care of. The mobster remarks that "the definition of family loyalty must be different in this country". Billy says a "disloyal Jew bastard" (Johnny is Jewish and defiant of Billy) isn't worth much to him.
  • Although this mission presumably takes place before The Lost and Damned mission This Shit's Cursed (when Billy is imprisoned), that mission has to be played before Roman's Holiday, which ties in with Grand Theft Auto IV mission Hostile Negotiation. Three Leaf Clover, which marks the beginning of Luis's story (in I Luv LC), can only be played after Hostile Negotiation. This proves a continuity error has been made by Rockstar Games.
  • In the opening cutscene, Roman Bellic is seen dancing in the Maisonnette 9 club.

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