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Gripe Rebut Okay, a couple gripes from GTA TBOGT:1) Why didnt R* put in the golf culb as a weapon? They put in the pool cue for TLAD so why not do the same here? 2) The AA-12 is semi-auto and has massive recoil? I used it before and the recoil is kinda light. R* did put in an auto shotty in TLAD but the real gun is semi-auto. 3) The Gold SMG is given to you, I'm fine with that but why do your buddies (and some enemies)use it? I mean where can you find a gold gun other than from Yusuf? 4) The P90 has a silencer but it aint silent, when you start shooting, peds start screaming. 5) Why aint there a revolver? It'll fit in with the club nightlife. 6) Theres an M249 but it does less damage compared to the M4 even though they use the same bullets. Okay I'm done, so rebut asap.

Gripe Rebut Not THAT big of a gripe but when Niko reloads the AK47/M4 he just pulls the charging handle the only change is when you crouch THEN niko swaps mags and does the correct reload

Rebut Maybe its a glitch, but yeah it does hurt the realism a bit.

Gripe Rebut How come Nico holds hand guns incorrectly? He "teacups" the handguns which does very little to reduce recoil. I was taught to shoot by a cop and was taught to hold the gun such one hand grips the front of the pistol grip and the other around the side such that both thumbs are next to each other on the left side of the weapon(I am right handed).

Rebut While I agree that it's strange that a war veteran would hold a gun in that way, keep in mind that GTA IV isn't a real-life simulation game.

Gripe Rebut Why didn't R* put a tazer in GTA IV, I mean it's a good way to use their RAGE engine, and its fun.

Rebut How do you know it's fun to use if it hasn't even appeared? If you enjoy tasering people in reality, you're a sicko weirdo.

Gripe Rebut Every time Niko reloads the shotgun, he just puts in 2 shells, im fine with that, then you wont have to put in 8 shells, but when Niko has only shot one shot and reloads he puts in two shells. R* Prolly did this because of its easier, but didnt they go for R*ealism?

Rebut They did go for realism but to have niko load in all 8 shells would make it rather annoying, especially in a firefight, wouldn't you think?

Gripe Rebut This is not really a gripe but when you blindfire with the combat shotgun Niko will do the Pump shotgun thing! Why would he not just fire away instead of pulling down that thing

RebutBecause it's easier to code in one animation for two weapons. Another reason could be the shotgun is not cycling properly due to the angle in which it's held, and Niko has to cycle the bolt after every shell because it short-strokes...

Rebut But didnt Rockstar go with realism? its not very realistic to me that a man in danger would use a combat shot like it was a pump

RebutIt actually is pretty realistic to do that. That's how I fought with a shotgun in real life (I was an anti-terrorist soldier at one time) and my comrades did the EXACT SAME THING!
Rebutreally?That's Pretty cool. Guys like you are keeping us safe from terrorists.

Gripe RebutEarly GTAIV screenshots showed a possibility of customizing weapons with flashlights or sights. In addition, half the weapons shown in screenshots or artwork don't appear in the game, like the SPAS-12 and MP5NA3.

RebutProvide me with a screenshot and I will dignify this gripe with a proper answer.

Gripe RebutTake a look:

Rebut I don't see that idiot "dignifying" you with a proper answer, but I'd say the SPAS12 images are just concept art drawn by people who largely don't have a lot to do with the content of the game. The MP5 is interesting and I wouldn't be surprised to see it in the DLC, since I'd rather have a real MP5 than whatever that SMG is supposed to{{ be.
Gripe Thes Spas-12 is in the loading screen!
Rebut I think you will find the combat shotgun is partly based on the SPAS-12.

GripeAmmo limits are really, really annoying.

RebutThis is personal opinion. Ammo limits are not so low that it's difficult to complete missions. In fact, it's more than enough.
GripeWhat if you are confronted against FBIs and NOOSE patrol teams? If you're very low on ammo, then you're completely defenseless and then you die. Like in GTA SA, there were no ammo limits (you can store 900 rockets, have 7000 pistoms, SMGs, have 900 Flamethrower containers, etc.). Besides, Ammo limits are very humiliating.
RebutAfter you beat the game the ammo limit is gone, you keep putting them in, after awhile it may saw you have 9999 of 30 for the machine gun but fire and reload and it says you still have 9999 of 30, ammo limit is removed with completion of the game.
GripeWell, by the time the limit is gone, there won't be any real-good reason to utilize it. It would have been much better to just have it on while a person was going through the storyline missions and not after.
RebutI cannot imagine a person carrying 9999 bullets for at least 6 guns. Imagine how many extra ammo bags and storage space you would need, carrying 8 rockets in your Perseus pocket is already quite ridiculous, that's enough bullets for every gun.
GripeBut he could at least hold more than 8 rockets. That's not enough.
RebutWill 2000 rockets be able to fit in your pockets? Don't think so.
GripeThat's f***ing retarded. The ammo limits are in place for the multiplayer, so people don't just amass 50 RPG's and dominate everyone, and for the new stats they have, like the time wanted on six stars that compel you to actually run from the police instead of holing yourself up and bombarding them with RPGs indefinitely.
RebutHuh, what did you say? You need ammo bags to carry extra bullets. And you're lucky that the RPG lets you hold 8 rockets. Ever play Call of Duty 4? You can only hold 2 ROCKETS with the RPG perk. If you were to carry 2000 rockets, I'd think you'd need a truck to carry all those rockets.
GripeIf you want to talk realism he could carry MAYBE 3 guns, 4 if two pistols, and MAYBE 3 or 4 mags each. How fun would this game be? I think it is fun to hole up and bombard the cops sometimes, but it is also fun to run from them. With the limited ammo you can only run or be short lived, but with the huge ammo supply you could do whichever you prefered. My choice = more fun for me.

GripeThere are not enough "special" weapons like the chainsaw, the golf club, the pool cue, or the fire extinguisher like there were in GTA San Andreas.

Rebut If you check the page under features it explains why many of the weapons have been removed.
GripeThis is a game where a man is able to hide several large weapons under his coat and who is killed thousands of times and recovers perfectly 12 hours later. Not the most realistic already, and throwing in a few fun weapons like the M60 or Flamethrower wouldn't do any major harm to that vibe.
RebutSilly weapons are gone to make room for more realistic combat. Weapons like the flame thrower only serve one purpose in the general story line of the game. Plus they are not as effective as a weapon such as an AK-47 or 9MM.
GripeWho cares!? It's fun to go light old people on fire! With no Flamethrower or other super weapons massacres become harder and you can't [get] that sick pleasure of castrating a cop with a Katana. I WANT MASS MURDER SPREES! I don't care for realism! Just murder! Oh, and believe me, taking away super weapons won't save R* from lawsuits!
RebutSorry then. GTA IV is more realistic. And it's fun to light people on fire? Try that in real life and you'd be killed in a minute. Ain't that easy to get a flamethrower either.
GripeBut this isn't real life, it's a game. Therefore, I don't see how adding a flame thrower would even hurt the game seeming realistic. There are flame throwers in real life after all.
RebutTrue, but flamethrowers in real life are very bulky and unwieldy contraptions, requiring two people to use, unlike the pseudo-rifle design found in the GTA III era. These devices weigh more than 60 lbs. when fully fueled and charged, have a burn time of at most 10 seconds, and have an effective range of less than 100 feet. Also, the United States Department of Defense has not used flamethrowers in the field since Vietnam. el sexbomb 20:39, September 9, 2010 (UTC)here, I could make a lightweight flamethrower in a couple of minutes by filling a water pistol with petrol, getting out a match, lighting it and taping it to the underside of the muzzle.
GripeFirst point the crowd of people I want to barbeque are going to be in a quiet little park less than 20 feet from me. On to the important part, Niko is already carrying hundreds of kilos of weight in body armor, weapons and ammunition, so weight is obviously not an issue here. why not let me have access to a .50 rifle that would throw people 10-15 meters back. a flamethrower to roast marshmellows (think of the havoc this could cause in midtown Algonquin. A katana to sever people. and many more guns guns guns.
RebutFirst, scroll down towards the bottom of the page for the rebuttals against additional guns in the game's inventory and the inclusion of the katana. Second, you want an anti-material rifle in the game? A Barrett M82 "Light-Fifty" AM Rifle weighs around 30 lbs. unloaded and without its accessories, more than the loaded weight of a RPG-7 (around 20 lbs.) or a M24 Sniper Weapon System (rifle, scope, etc.--around 16 lbs.), it has a overall length of 57 inches (for a 29 in. barrel), and it has a unit replacement cost of more than $8,600. Because of its size, it is fired in the prone position, which cannot be done in game. Some states ban civilian ownership of large caliber rifles & ammo, including New York, which Liberty State is based on. The U.S. Military primarily uses the M82 for bomb disposal purposes rather than for anti-personnel use. In short, an AM rifle is too cumbersome and too expensive to serve as a practical weapon in GTA. Also, a bullet of ANY caliber cannot knock a person back (see Newton's 3rd law of motion)
GripeAll weapons are banned in the whole state of Liberty City and Alderney thats why they have underground gun shops!!!!

GripeWeapons are now seen on top of buildings, which is harder to find.

RebutHow many people leave sniper riffles in the gutters in Time Square?
RebutPerhaps Rockstar intended for players to start thinking outside the box to find all the goodies?
GripeHow many people leave sniper rifles on the tops of buildings. The top of a building hasn't been outside the box since triangle, triangle, square, circle, X, L1, L1 down, up.
RebutIf a gun, in this case a sniper rifle, was going to be left laying around for the player to be found, better that it's in a place where it would be used. A roof top is the perfect spot for a sniper rifle to be used, why not left there? I always made sense of weapons and armor being left around the city in the older games by pretending they were left there by a supplier to be used by the character.

GripeTear Gas and Satchel Bomb was removed.

RebutTear gas was completely useless in the main storyline of GTASA other than to knock out some guards. And the Satchel bomb has been replaced with Packie's car bomb.
GripeBut the satchel was so much fun. To throw it on a car and blow up a whole pack of cars. and why take one out to put another in? Why not have both? Why you ask? because its on the 360 also. had it only been on the PS3 there would have been plenty of room for so much more content.
Rebut There are remote controlled explosives in TBOGT

GripeRPG can only hold 8 rockets.

RebutIn real life, an RPG does NOT hold two thousand rockets. Sorry.
GripeMaybe not 2000, but surely more than 8.
RebutRPG-7 can hold only 1 rocket, player holds the others, so It's ok, I think
GripeIts a video game that is far short of real. more ammo = more fun.
Rebut...8 Rockets in real life would be MORE than enough. I wonder how many of you actually know how big an RPG round is?

GripeWeapons stores are few and far between.

RebutThat is explained in game by the mayor's "Crackdown" on weapons
RebutOr you could just call up Little Jacob for general weaponry. It's not that big of a problem to drive to a gun store every few days to restock on expensive stuff like RPGs.

GripeLittle Jacob doesn't sell all the weapons, so an expensive trip to the gun store is required.

RebutLater on in game he sells armor, rockets, m16 ammo, grenades etc.
GripeTrue, but he doesn't sell Combat Pistol ammo, RPG ammo or regular shotgun ammo.
RebutHe doesn't sell these because it is harder for one man unassociated with the black market to get highly illegal weapons such as the rocket launcher.

Gripe Dual-wielding weapons is no longer possible.

Rebut In real life, would you be able to dual-wield a shotgun?
Gripe Maybe not a shotgun, but pistols are easily dual wieldable.
Rebut Niko is a war veteran, and prefers to use weapons the way they were meant to be used.
Gripe Niko also is paid hitman being paid to kill people. If dual wielding a Uzi would quickly remove a room full of druggies, i think he would do it.
Rebut It is impractical and largely ineffective to dual-wield any modern firearm, especially an automatic firearm.
Gripe I would agree for everything but dual uzis, they are easily controlable and very good at spraying areas
Rebut With ammo limits in play, the game encourages shot quality over shot quantity. I rather kill 5 to 10 enemies in 30 rounds or less with controlled bursts from one single SMG than waste 60 rounds killing 2, maybe 3 thugs dual wielding the same gun, both fired full auto.
RebutDual wielding is a very impractical thing to do with any weapon. It's very inaccurate and hard to do in real life, and was only brought to life by mall ninjas in various Hollywood films.

GripeYou can't use free-aim because the targeting reticule automatically locks on to pedestrians, so you'll have to use your Sniper Rifle to shoot pigeons. Even if you try and force the aiming reticule off of the pedestrians, it will simply lock on to another pedestrians, so there is no way to make the aiming reticule let you aim yourself.

RebutIf you hold the aim trigger all the way down it targets a person, if you hold it part of the way down you can move the reticule around to aim how you please, like shooting through the windshield of a moving car to kill the driver.
RebutYou can also disable "Auto Aiming" in the Controls Menu and use free-aim exclusively.

GripeWhere is the fire extinguisher?

RebutRemoved due to uselessness.
GripeThe Fire Extinguisher has the ability to douse the flames from burning barrels, burning cars and pedestrians. It can even be ruptured and exploded by a gunshot, thus you can even blind cops, enemies even pedestrains to make the escape.
RebutWould you really want to carry a heavy fire extinguisher with you when you are chased by the cops? Not to mention you have to get really close to fight with it, in that time you could be shot down. And how many people do missions with fire extinguishers in a gun fight?
GripeI have to go back to fun. More people would have more fun if they had the option to also use the fire extinguisher

GripeNo one handed gun use.

RebutNiko is a war veteran and therefore knows how to use weapons properly.
RebutOne-handed gun use in normal combat scenarios is meant to be used if a shooter lost use of his hand in combat.
RebutNiko DOES use guns one-handed while firing from a vehicle or blind-firing from cover. Notice how inaccurate he is while doing so.
RebutOne handed gun use is retarded. It isnt very accurate at all. The only time you would fire a weapon with 1 hand is if you lost a hand, you just drawed your weapon and were shooting a target at close range, if you were shooting from cover, while preforming a mid-air manouver to dodge bullets, or you required the hand to activate some other device, a grenade, melee, or another firearm.

I like realistic weapons animations. I edited my weapon.dat file in SA so that CJ fires all the weapons with 2 hands, and at the shoulder.

GripeThe silenced pistol was removed

RebutIt was a weak weapon, and removed due to the "Crackdown" on guns, because of its huge ability not to be noticed by the cops.
GripeThe silenced pistol would fit in completely with the game's wanted system. I don't know how many times I have shot a man out of the sight of cops, but ended up getting wanted 20 seconds after. Also, a silencer isn't that hard to come by.
GripeSo RPGs can be obtained yet a silenced weapon cannot? VERY Realistic
Rebut The silenced pistol isn't in GTA IV most likely due to engine limitations. You can't just shove everything you want in a game, and for a game as big as GTA IV they have make some cuts so the game isn't too big and/or so the engine doesn't get messed up.

GripeShooting ranges is no longer featured.

Rebut Thats because Ammu-nations got shut down.
RebutMayor Ochoa could have enacted legislation in Liberty City that bans firing ranges within the city limits.

GripeNo weapon customization.

RebutNiko doesn't have time to add a flash light onto his M16, does he?
RebutGTA is not Rainbow Six, so weapon add-ons are not needed. A laser sight and a reflex scope may sound okay, but there's no first-person iron sight aiming with weapons outside of the sniper rifles. And it may be possible that Mayor Ochoa is positively terrified of anything relating to firearms, that he's went and banned all firearm-related accessories in Liberty City.
Gripe I dont get it. Niko doesnt have time?? What is he doing with that 10 minutes it takes to add a flashlight to a carbine rifle? Plus, after you beat the game, what does Niko do that he needs that time for besides hang out with friends and girlfriends?? Right... Nothing!!
rebutIt won't even take 10 minutes to put a tac light on an M4. However, because this game is a third person shooter, customization would be useless (unless you're a gunsmith and made yourself an extended magazine or something).

GripeThe Molotov Cocktail doesn't spread flames all over the ground, even if you throw 20 of them to the ground, and yet the fire still dies out, thus dramatically reducing realism.

RebutMolotov Cocktails didn't start forest fires in GTA:SA, so why should they start now? Rockstar could not possibly produce a game that is completely faithful to the real world

GripeYou don't even get to use your weapons (when out of ammo) as meleé weapons.

RebutThat would probably require integration with the already-difficult melée combat system that it was too much of a hassle for Rockstar to implement.
RebutAs a matter of fact, you CAN use your weapons in a melée form at close range, albeit with ammo remaining. Get in close to your adversary and hit the Fire button, and Niko will use a pistol-whip or rifle-butt against an enemy. A Shotgun of any flavor works well here.

GripeIf a black man in the nineties could obtain a lock on Rocket Launcher from a government agent's house,I'm pretty sure an illegal immigrant could get a flamethrower from a Jamaican arms dealer,no offense intended.

RebutSorry to inform you, but flamethrowers have been deleted from Grand Theft Auto IV. If Rockstar had indeed left the flamethrower in the game, it would probably take the shape of an M2-2 or a Lifebuoy/Ack Pack type device. Both are extremely unwieldly contraptions, having tanks which go on the user's back full of volatile fuel and compressed air, and only having an effective burn time of ten seconds. Not very easy to use in face-on combat.
GripeCould you explain that in Person talk?
RebutThat's about as crystal-clear as it gets. Flamethrowers are not like assault rifles; you can't just insert a fresh magazine and go. You need to fill the gas tanks, charge them with the compressed air, which requires two people, and you need to be frugal with the fuel, because after ten seconds it's all used up. Plus, a fully-fueled and charged flamethrower weighs in at about 64 pounds/29.03 kilograms, so running and gunning is not a viable option. Rockstar opted for realism in GTA IV, and that's about as realistic as it gets.
Gripehave you ever heard of filling a water gun with petrol and attaching a lit match to it, you just fill up a legal container at your local petrol station, pay for it, go home and fill the flamethrower witch has the lit match on it, then we would have an easy to use flamethrower that even a kid could use.
GripeObviously some loser never played CoD5. The M2 Flamethrower just needed to cool down...
Rebut This isn't CoD5!
Rebut Besides,CoD was made AFTER GTA IV,so whatever. And if a game series is favored,such as CoD, it doesnt mean its newest version is the most realistic than anything.
RebutObviously some loser never thought that CoD5 is a GAME with ZOMBIES. So basically, all realism in that game is thrown out the window.

GripeOkay so how come GTA SA has no realism? Neigh,how is it realistic the man carries sooo man guns and soooo much ammo in just ONE shirt.Where is Niko even keeping these guns?!It makes no sense!

RebutIT'S A VIDEO GAME, it will never be totally realistic. If you could only carry a realistic amount of guns and ammo you'd be saying how crappy this game is. Grand Theft Auto is nothing without tons of guns, no amount of realism is going to change that.

GripeThis guy came to America on what is essentially a floating door.If he's a veteran ,Niko should have a massive array of weapons at his disposal.I think there would probably be flamethrower amongst those lines.But still,touche" my adversary for a good argument.

Rebut Flamethrowers haven't been seen in combat since the Second World War, and are highly restricted in America, classified as Destructive Devices under the 1934 National Firearms Act and very, very hard to come by, even for Little Jacob. This is not a debate forum, it is a gripe page, and I wish to keep it as such.
Gripe Rebut Gripe ^^wrong but this section is not a gripe and should be removed Gripe Rebut Gripe

GripeThey took out all the strange weapons(Rocket Launcher,Dildo,Chainsaw)

RebutFirst of all, the RPG is still there. Second of all, why would Niko need a dildo? Third, well, there are no tool stores to get a chainsaw.
GripeI said Rocket Launcher not RPG. There is a difference. Second, Niko could shove a dildo down a cop's throat to slow him down and lastly Niko could buy a chainsaw online. HA!
RebutOkay, so whats the difference between Rocket Launcher and a Rocket Propelled Grenade? Unless you're talking about the bazooka from GTA III or the Heat Seaking Rocket Launcher from GTA San Andreas, I can see your difference. Second, do you even know what a dildo is supposed to be for? It's a sex toy, not a weapon to shove down a persons throat. Niko isn't a master of torture, and he's seen his share of torture of enemies or POW's. By the way, what the hell is that HA! at the end for anyway? Are you making fun of me?
RebutThe chainsaw was tremendous fun at first but it got old pretty quickly after Vice City. It's loud and bulky and, in GTA San Andreas, lacks the satisfying blood effects and has somewhat worse animations. I'd rather have two well animated melee weapons (like the knife and the bat) than half a dozen of them, most of which serve the same purpose. Pool cue, shovel, golf club? I don't miss them. The flamethrower would be fun to show off the wonderful flame effects of the RAGE engine, but molotovs make a lot more sense so why not just use those? And the dildo... please, that was only included as a joke weapon in the first place, that doesn't mean it has to be a permanent fixture in the 'arsenal'.
GripeI'm just going to replay to that first Rebut.Specifically the dildo thing.I DO know what a Dildo is and yes it would be a great torture weapon.Could you keep your focus with a dildo shoved inside your throat,touching your intestines?No.No you couldn't.
RebutIt's still a joke weapon. How many criminals go out with nothing but a dildo and shove it down a cop's throat? Cops are well armed. Try shoving a dildo down a cops throat and you'd be dead in a minute.
RebutThey have dildos in the sex shop near Sar Juction that you can pick up and throw.

Gripe They took away the best gun and one of my my favorites. The minigun. It's kind of sad that a freakin' ex-navy guy can't use a gun that is VERY common in that line of bissness.
Rebut LOL WUT? Firstly, Niko was in the merchant navy, that's not exactly military. Secondly, what makes the M134 Minigun 'common' on the seas? They might mount the things on warships and I know they do in military helicopters, but explain how Niko came in close contact with either of these? He served on a freaking container ship! Plus, even with all of that aside, you do know why a handheld minigun is an extremely impractical weapon, don't you? Or have you been watching too many action movies? Even if you were strong enough to carry it (and I mean really strong), the recoil would knock your aim all over the place and you'd only be able to carry enough ammo for 10 seconds of fire and even that's stretching it. They removed it because it's too ridiculous, even for GTA.
Gripe ITS NOT FREAKING RIDICULOUS!Rockstar Co. is tring to make it so real that its getting "ridiculous".
Rebut Firstly, learn to indent your posts so they fit neatly into the thread. Secondly, something isn't so just because you say it with enough force, stop being immature. If you want numbers, I'll give you numbers. An M-134 minigun weighs 30 kgs, that's not including ammunition. A 1,500 round container of 7.62x51 weighs even more than the weapon itself at 58 kgs bringing the total to 88 kgs. That's a hell of a lot of weight, not to mention the fact these objects are also bulky. Even if you could carry and fire it effectively, how long do you think those 1,500 rounds will last you? At the M-134's lowest rate of fire of 3,000 rounds per minute that's good for 30 seconds of sustained fire. 30 whole seconds, and then you need to find a backup weapon. It is an incredibly ridiculous proposition for an individual weapon, end of story.
GripeHe is already carrying an RPG, sniper rifle, carbine and more so weight is not a factor here.
RebutWhile it is true that Niko, Johnny, & Luis DO carry an impractical amount of weapons and ammo (GTA IV is a video game, so there is room for some impossibility), but the weapons they have available are intended for individual combat (some weapons, such as the RPG and sniper rifles, were meant for 2-man teams, but they can still be used by an individual). The minigun is meant to be mounted on a vehicle frame for suppressive fire. Next time you come across an Annihilator, see how large and long its miniguns are. Do you think a normal person could even pick-up and carry one of the miniguns by himself/herself, much less fire it?
GripeOkay, have you ever PLAYED the San Andreas GTA? CJ can EASILY lift one of those bad boys! Okay, maybe the power was a little overwhelming, but that could be FIXED! Besides, the minigun on the Hunter helicopter is SHORTER! lawl im no good at this Rebut
Rebut How realistic do you think carrying around that is? It's the size of the Niko! The Minigun has always been crap, unrealistic and a pointless waste of time.

:::::::::::::Rebut you have to admit, the minigun is pretty bad ass dude

GripeThe number of weapons in the game have been greatly reduced from GTA SA to just 10 and those meele weapons. That really sucks and removes customization from the game.

GripeEspecially since none of the weapons do much damage (the RPG is okay, it does'nt have enough ammo), when you are surrounded by thousands of cops
RebutThe only reason to say none of the weapons do much damage is not knowing how to aim. The aiming system lets you get head shots incredibly easily. A single clip of the Carbine is enough to take out over two dozen enemies at long range. There isn't a lack of powerful weapons, just a lack of skill.
RebutRebutting the original gripe of the limited number of weapons, you don't need multiple weapons for a single weapons class. First off, having too many choices can overwhelm or confuse players, second, having several different weapons with similar technical specifications (weight, effective range, etc.) creates redundancy, third, having additional weapons in a single class creates balancing issues (This is why the weapons introduced in TLAD are not available in the main game), and finally, coding additional weapons takes up development time & storage space. For example, in the assault rifle class, the AK-47 and the M4 do the job. We don't need additional assault rifles such as the HK G36, SA80, AUG, TAR-21, and so on.

GripeAfter you are done gunning down 10 criminals, he proceeds to the next objective and does'nt reload his weapon automatically.

RebutThis gripe is not overly descriptive enough to warrant a proper rebuttal.
RebutThat's because there IS no rebuttal. This really does suck big throbbing cock.
RebutYou seem to have forgotten there is a reload button for you to use yourself. It doesn't require that much work!

GripeOnly two meleé weapons in the game, as none of these two inflict damage against enemies. The knife is also useless, because you can't slit people's throat as a stealth kill. It would be nice if R* should've added more meleé weapons, rather than adding only two.

RebutNiko can pick up improvised weapons like Sprunk cans and cinder blocks off the street.
RebutMost of the melee weapons in the GTA III era were redundant. They either performed the same basic function as the knife (cutting and stabbing) or the baseball bat (clubbing). You don't need a dozen different weapons for a single weapons class.
Gripe This is more of a realism issue. Cops always carry those little faggoty clubs around, and I'm pretty sure you'll find a couple of golfers that would have clubs. Oh yeah, you forgot other major weapons, like the katana and the chainsaw, which don't use the 2 types of damage you listed (okay, maybe the katana can stab).
RebutBoth a chainsaw and a katana CAN do cutting damage (slicing is a form of cutting). Besides, why would corrupt pigs use a nightstick when their mentality is "shoot first, ask questions when everyone's dead"?

GripeThe RPG does'nt explode on the ground, but slides on the ground and goes either off-course from enemies or go underneath vehicles and not blow up. The searing heat from the rockets are supposed to blow up when going underneath vehicles, not go through it. Unrealistic atempts by R*.

RebutThe projectile's warhead is equipped with a pressure-sensitive tip, not the entire grenade body. Real RPGs will skid along asphalt and concrete from time to time if fired at the correct angle.
RebutSo I guess that might be the problem. Ok, I think I should aim at vehicles and on the ground at the correct aiming. Thanks for the help.
Rebut Yeah, that's correct. RPGs shoots grenades. Think of someone throwing a grenade extremely fast.

GripeI dont know if this concerns very many people, and its just kind of an opinion, but i dont like how if you buy a weapon that replaces a slot, for example if you have a pistol and you buy a combat pistol, you start out buying JUST the gun, no ammo. And it kinda sucks when you have maxed out bullets and you have to start from 0 again. Waste of cash. I mean i get the whole realism thing, but still.

RebutFind a Combat Pistol that's hidden in Liberty City. Full ammo retention and no charge for the finance-savvy. There is one on the west side of Easton Terminal by the construction, and one in an oil farm by the airport in Dukes.
GripeYeah thats cool. Im just talking about when you need to get a gun quickly and rum by a gun place it kinda sucks. But anyway thanks.

GripeWhy no CHAINSAW!!!?!?!?!?!??!

RebutRead the gripes above, GTA IV took out the unrealistic weapons, like the heat seaking rocket launcher, mini gun, etc.

Nobody is gonna carry around a chainsaw

GripeWhy not?I know that a mini gun would be to heavy to be carried by a hitman but A chainsaw can be an efficient killing melee weapon better than a knife or baseball bat as i could slice off limbs with single slash.
RebutMelee weapons in GTA IV were meant for discreet kills. The last thing a hitman wants is unwanted attention (aka LCPD). In the GTA III era, using a chainsaw out in the open attracts cops.
Gripeok fine if u want to talk about discreet kills then there should be a katana it is like a knife on steriods and i dont think any one could hear a slash of a katana.
RebutA katana is a Japanese weapon. Niko is Serbian, Johnny is a Jew and a biker, and Luis is Dominican. None of those groups would use a katana. Also, a katana is expensive & hard to come by & takes years of training to properly wield, whereas a baseball bat can be acquired at any store which sells sporting goods for a low price & any two-bit thug can swing a bat. Besides, the GTA III era was meant to be over-the-top where as the GTA IV era outside of Chinatown Wars was meant to be realistic. If R* wanted to appropriately add a katana in the GTA IV era, then they would center a DLC episode or a stand-alone game around the Yakuza.
GripeThis is Grand Theft Auto we are talking about. is supposed to be over the top mass murder killing sprees and drunken driveby shootings. the more different weapons I have regardless of class will make it more fun and make the fun last longer and will keeping me coming back longer because i have more different ways i can kill massive amounts of people
Gripe in a city with a ban on firearms, alot of people would use Melee weapons to settle differences as opposed to just shooting each other as the do in San Andreas. Thats why more Melee Weapons should have been included, Even keeping Realism Im not asking for a Katana, mabe a butterfly knife, a nightstick, And a lead pipe, plus improvised weapons such as bricks and wooden boards.
Rebut"More Weapons, More Fun" is just an opinion.
GripeUm, aren't opinions the whole entire point of this page?

Uhh you got a terrorsit threat and a lawsuit at hand if R* made a game about murdering helpless people. Gta IV isn't just about that, it actually has a Story

GripeThrowing a grenade or molotov from cover is pointless and suicidal, contrary to the behavior of other weapons. Take cover, wield a rifle, fire, and Niko moves to shoot over cover. Toss a grenade, and he stupidly flings it directly into the crate he's hiding behind, landing it at his feet with no hope of escape. WHY!?

Rebut Hmm... it is quite obvious that you are new to this game. Truth is some cover items have problems with that grenades and molotovs. Also you need to practice more with your throwing. The same thing happend to me when i first started playing.
Rebut I too was annoyed by Niko doing underhand throws. Doing an underhand throw will almost always hit what you're hiding behind. Then I realized just tapping the button does this, hold it for a while instead to do an overhand throw, now I feel like an idiot.

GripeWhatever happened to mercenaries and gang members? In GTA: SA you could recruit random people off the street and hand them a 9mm.

RebutThis is not a weapons gripe; this is more of a gameplay gripe.

Gripe The biggest drawback of this game is probably the ranging system of the weapons. All guns except the sniper rifles have zero effect on enemies after a certain range, as if the bullet magically disappears in mid-air. It's very awkward and unrealistic having to walk closer and closer to your enemy for your gun to start doing damage, especially in multiplayer. (if it wasn't for this, GTA4 would be the perfect multiplayer game IMO) There should be a more realistic ranging system for the guns, like having guns do a lesser amount of damage the farther away you are, or maybe even bullet drop. of course this should be proportional to the gun you were using, 9mm would have a shorter effective range, M4 a longer range, etc. IMO this is the one glaring flaw of GTA4's combat system.

RebutI've been able to use the AK, M4A1, and even the M249/"Advanced MG" at sniper rifle ranges quite easily. You just have to tap the trigger button briefly and fire one round at a time.
GripeI agree that the range of the guns are unrealistically short. Try aiming at a certain point just out of range and the bullets literally disappear and do no effect whatsoever. As you take one more step closer(or aim closer), you will see the bullet impact. Rockstar should have increased the range and made the ineffectiveness more gradual.

Gripe, Hey, this is just a minor issue. Do you notice that luis/niko/johnny run out of ammo? I shot up a hospital the other night and hid behind a pillar. These 3 cops started shooting in my direction.And they kept shooting..Because I was in cover, and none of them were running at me, I decided to make myself a sandwich. However, when I came back, they were STILL shooting..Why is it that I run out of ammo, but the police don't? And Don't give me the excuse "well, they're police officers, they have a lot of fire arms". I've seen cops in real life, and they usually only carry 2 magazines for their guns. I just think it'd be epic if the cop ran out of ammo the same time I did, forcing us to engage in fist fight. I just don't find it realistic..Also, I notice that the police don't reload their weapons. I'm hiding behind a pillar from a cop with a pump shotgun, and he just keeps firing on and on and on. It never stops.

RebutThis is a game. You don't see other video games with enemies that run completely empty out of ammo.

Gripe Not true, ever play MGS3? If you destroy the enemy weapon depot, they run out fairly quick. As this was a ps2 game, it would've been easy to code this. Gripe I think the officers should run out of Ammo, If i kill one and everytime they only have 5-17 rounds then it would be interesting for them to close in and attack with a nightstick.

Gripe five gripes for you first In multiplayer it takes two headshots to kill a single person even if they are wearing armor it should still be an instant kill. secondly why can't you use the enviroment as a weapon like smashing someones head off the walll or using the hotplate in burger shot to cook there faces. Thirdly why cabn't you pick up a something like a bin and smash it over there head. fourth you can't slit or stab someone from behind like in SA for stealthy kill.

Rebut Well the first, it would be harder for the other player to win who your headshoting and would have an unfair advantage, and the others, USELESSS, San Andreas had the sleath kill for ONE mission.

Gripe It may be useless to you but I think it would be a fun idea and the stealth kill would still come in handy when you want to kill someone without attracting attention from the cops or scarying people off.

Gripe I bounced an RPG round off a (skinny) cop! (XBOX 360)

Rebut Again, the RPG is equipped with a pressure sensitive tip, not the entire grenade body. So if fired at the correct angle, it will deflect off of things.

Gripe It doesn't take much effort to make flamethrower all you need is a can of deoderant and a lighter and you get your own flamethrower it be useful for getting out of tight situations when you get cornered and don't want to alert the cops. Also Niko should of been trained in how to make molotovs that way you wouldn't have to buy it off of people. Also a petrol tank or some other form of tanks with flamable liquid inside should of been put in the game you could put petrol onto people and things and use a lighter to set it a blaze. It wouldn't of think much thought to pull this off for R*.