Crippen Memorial Hospital

Front view of Crippen Memorial Hospital.
Back view of Crippen Memorial Hospital.

Crippen Memorial Hospital is a hospital located in the town of Montgomery in Red County, San Andreas. It is a small hospital compared to the many others dotted around San Andreas, but is still a basic healthcare facility. If the player gets wasted somewhere near the vicinity of Montgomery and adjacent areas, they will be most likely spawned back here. They will also lose all their weapons, unless dating Katie Zhan.



  • The Hospital might be named after Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen, an American doctor who was hung for murdering his wife in 1910.
  • While the player respawns here by default upon getting wasted, an exception arises in the case of being wasted in Blueberry after completion of Yay Ka-Boom-Boom, wherein the player will respawn instead in the desert town of Fort Carson, which has a medical centre, being nearest as the Martin Bridge opens up.
  • A notable instance, which occurs after The Green Sabre, is that regardless of whichever wardrobe-equipped safehouse the player is using across San Andreas, if the player enters the wardrobe and quickly activates the suicide cheat within a second of exiting the wardrobe, Carl will always spawn here instead of the County General Hospital where he would spawn when the cheat is activated inside the wardrobe.