Davis Sheriff's Station

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The exterior of the Davis Sheriff's Station on Innocence Blvd, GTA V.

The Davis Sheriff's Station is a Los Santos Police Department police station located on Innocence Blvd in Davis, an incorporated city within Los Santos, which appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The station has an automobile impound lot connected to it. The buildings exterior displays information for the Los Santos County Sheriff although the gated parking lot shows information for the LSPD.

Events of GTA V

JB Bradshaw has a job at the LSPD Auto Impound as a Towtruck driver. JB, however, has no legal papers to prove he is able to perform his job and frequently does not show up for work due to his drug addiction. His wife Tonya Wiggins, on five separate occasions, convinces Franklin Clinton to tow various cars across Los Santos. After the last of these missions, Pulling One Last Favor, Franklin can purchase the impound lot for $150,000, although this is likely only the LSPD outsourcing the lot to a private individual. If the player chooses the subtle approach for The Big Score, the player will need to steal a Police Transporter from the stations parking lot to obtain some spike strips.


The following vehicles can be obtained from the stations gated parking lot: