Dillimore Police Department

The Dillimore police department in GTA San Andreas.

The Dillimore "police department" is a rural San Andreas Police Department station in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Located within the town of Dillimore, Red County in San Andreas, it is the only police station in the county, and thus serves as the respawn point for players who are arrested within the whole jurisdiction of Red County.

The station is notable for its peculiar design elements. Despite being a police station located in a rural area (albeit one fairly close to Los Santos), its signage designates it a "police department" as opposed to a "sheriff" department, unlike San Andreas' three other rural police stations (Angel Pine, El Quebrados and Fort Carson), and features seven-point star badges identical to those seen on rural sheriff uniforms but differing from the six-point star badges seen on the signage of other rural sheriff departments.

In addition, the building has an accessible interior shared with the Los Santos police headquarters (the difference being that it contains sheriffs and countryside-oriented pedestrians), thus containing the same set of pickups: A Pistol in the access room to the prison cells, a Shotgun in the right room adjoining the main offices, Body Armor in the second prison cell and policemen's locker room, a Nightstick in the policemen's locker room, and a Dildo in the policemen's showers. The interior is even labeled as belonging to the "LSPD HQ", adding to the confusion. The accessibility of the entire interior is identical to other accessible police stations in the game; players can venture into any part of the interior without police hostility as long as they do not wield any weapon; doing so will prompt the game to penalize the player with a two-star wanted level.

Although the station boasts a garage, no parked law enforcement vehicle spawns around the building.


  • A side door from the garage area into the building depicts a sheriff's badge containing a graphical illustration of Texas and its state flag.