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Galilee is a small unincorporated settlement located in northern Blaine County, San Andreas, which appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The settlement is located between Mount Chiliad to the north and the Alamo Sea to the south, with the town of Grapeseed located a short distance away to the west.

Events of HD Universe

The protagonist of GTA Online, while working for Trevor Philips, kills a number of The Lost Brotherhood gang members to take control of their newly established methamphetamine laboratory. Galilee later becomes a storage facility for the protagonist and their crew after they steal two Insurgents from Davis Quartz and then a Valkyrie from the Merryweather Security Consulting controlled Los Santos Naval Port.


Gang activity


Please note that the vehicles listed below may not always appear in Galilee.
  • Bison (located next to the northern most house)
  • Burrito (near the beginning of the jetty)
  • Caddy (located next to houses on the northern dirt road)
  • Dodo (on a small jetty, located in the Alamo Sea)
  • Suntrap (located to the south, in the Alamo Sea)
  • Voodoo


  • Body Armor (located in a large wooden building on the northern dirt road next to a boat on the western entrance, and to the south of the Millar's Fishery Co. building)


  • Pump Action Shotgun (located in a large wooden building next to a boat on the eastern entrance)


  • One letter scrap (located at the side of the largest building on the southern dirt road)


Neighbouring areas