Gareth Wyn

Gareth Wyn
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Gareth Wyn


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Los Santos
Main Affiliations Starstalk (employer)
Occupation News reporter

Gareth Wyn is a character in the HD Universe who is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character history

Gareth Wyn is, in 2013, a news reporter for the Starstalk magazine based in Los Santos.

News articles

Miranda Cowan pap fight

After Paparazzo

In what must be the most media attention washed-up hag Miranda Cowan has received since turning 30 and becoming irrelevant, rival paparazzi came to blows over shots of her allegedly slamming a speedball in the back of a limousine. The two paparazzi involved, Beverly Felton and Madison Fox, are long-term contributors to Starstalk and as odious a pair of douchebags as you'll ever meet, which is why we love them. But photos of Miranda 'The Silicone Slattern' Cowan? Come on, guys. You're a decade too later with those. That drug-addled cougar has had more plastic surgery than a burn victim. Step it up.

Fame or Shame is back!

After The Jewel Store Job

The celeb judges are back and they are ready to tussle as doe-eyed wannabe stars set out to be judged by three has-beens. Everyone at Starstalk is excited about the new season of Fame or Shame. Hugh remains a moody Brit, Anita gushes and slurs her way through the show and life in general, while Imran shills products like no other judge can. We also have to defend the show's choice to continue with Lazlow as host. While many complain he's a neurotic mess, we like seeing the banter between him and Hugh. Is a romance brewing? We'll keep you posted!

Poor Kerry's pooch.

After Vinewood Souvenirs - Kerry

What started out as just another obscenely extravagant Portola Drive shopping trip for supermodel Kerry McIntosh ended in terror when a maniac chased down her beloved dog Dexie and stole its $3,000 collar. Police are still looking for the assailant, described by eye witnesses as a Caucasian homeless drug addict somewhere between 40 and 60 year of age. Police have no leads but our hearts break for Kerry who must be devastated.