Grand Theft Auto V/Game Informer

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On November 8, 2012 Game Informer release their December 2012 issue featuring an eighteen page preview on Grand Theft Auto V. This page documents the information from the preview.


  • The game will feature three protagonists: Michael, Trevor and Franklin.
    • You can switch between the three protagonists at any time (when not in a mission) and the player will learn information about each protagonist before the character himself knows. Each protagonist has his own motiviation, skillset and personality.
    • When not using a protagonist, they continue on with their daily business.
    • When switching between protagonists, the camera zooms out to the sky and zooms back into the selected protagonist.
  • The player has the ability to flip off non-playable characters, with people reacting differently depending upon the location.
  • There will be no role-playing game style customisation for the three protagonists, although they will be able to change clothing.
  • Some characters from Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony will be returning, although not major characters such as Niko Bellic. Characters from the GTA III Era, such as Carl Johnson and Tommy Vercetti, will not be returning.
  • The game has a "script machine". AKA, peds will have a certain role/goal, and can be seen doing it later. For example, one might see gardeners/cleaners waiting on the bus stops early in the morning, and might see them later doing their jobs in wealthier areas.
  • Other characters include: Lamar (Franklin's crazy friend) and Ron (Trevor's best friend, a paranoiac conspiracy theorist).

Michael, whose voice was heard during the first trailer, is a retired bank robber in his early 40s. He lives in a mansion in Rockford Hills with his wife Amanda, teenage daughter Tracy and teenage son Jimmy. He is in the FIB witness protection after testifying for them. He hates his wife, who also hates her husband and spends his money, and does not understand his two children. His money is running out and so 'needs to get back into the game'. His daughter Tracy has a Sentinel XS.


Trevor is a long-time friend of Michael's and lives in a trailer in Blaine County (the desert region). He is a war veteran and has flight experience. He has a maniacal personality and owns a Bodhi, a large truck.


Franklin was seen attempting to reposses a car (a 9F, equivalent to an Audi R8) in the Vespucci Beach area. He is described as being 'serious and ambitious'.


Storyline and Missions

  • There are several multi-tiered complex missions, much like Three Leaf Clover in Grand Theft Auto IV.
  • Some missions will feature all three protagonists and will take on a different tone depending on which protagonist you are playing as.
  • Random encounters return but in a 'much' bigger way.
  • There will be dynamic missions, similar to random events in Red Dead Redemption, where the player may come across a hitchhiker, a broken down car or two parked cars with dead bodies around them, for example. The player is then able to stop and interact or ignore the situation.
  • A musical score will increase tension during missions.
  • There will be more big heist missions in the game.
  • One mission involves all three protagonists working for the FIB to stop an interrogation, with Michael taking the person being interrogated hostage while holding off the interrogators with a gun. Trevor, meanwhile, flies a helicopter while Franklin is located on a nearby building with a sniper rifle. Trevor later picks Michael and his hostage up, with a helicopter chase ensuing, with the player able to fly the helicopter (as Trevor), snipe pilots (as Franklin) or fire an assault rifle (as Michael), before returning the helicopter to the FIB.


  • Gameplay mechanics having improved 'greatly' since Grand Theft Auto IV.
  • Driving is less boat-like, compared to GTA IV, and has more of a racing game feel with cars holding to the ground 'a bit better'.
  • Many sophisticated mini-games are included in the game.
    • These activities include yoga, tennis, jet skiing, triathlons, base jumping and golf.
    • Accessing these activities will be on the map and not the phone.
  • Dating will not make a return.
  • The protagonists are not able to purchase property.
  • There will be "plenty of stuff" to spend in-game money on.
  • Mobile/cell phones make a return, although friends will not call the protagonist(s). Phones will instead be used more for accessing the internet.
  • Rappelling down buildings appears to be possible, at least in one mission.
  • Multiplayer will return, although no information about it is given.


  • There will be more vehicles in GTA V than in any GTA game to date. These include BMX bikes, road bikes, dirt bikes, a huge variety of cars and trucks, helicopters, planes, all-terrain vehicles and jet skis.
  • There will be no delay in flying due to Trevor's previously experience at flying.


  • Shooting and melee combat has evolved from Grand Theft Auto IV, although no specifics were detailed.
  • Trevor Phillips was seen to pick up a can of gasoline, douse a vehicle and set it on fire with a lighter.


  • Ammu-Nation will return.
  • Strip clubs, stand up comedy, internet cafes and television shows all return from GTA IV.