Kenny Strikes Back

Kenny Strikes Back
Huang breaking in the Spanish Lords compound.
Huang breaking in the Spanish Lords compound.

Huang breaking in the Spanish Lords compound.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Wu Lee
Location East Island City, Dukes, Liberty City
Reward Warehouse raid minigame
Unlocks Weapons of Mass Distraction
Unlocked by Copter Carnage

'Kenny Strikes Back is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, given to protagonist Huang Lee by his uncle Wu Lee from the East Island City district of Dukes, Liberty City. This mission introduces the warehouse raiding feature of the game.


Mission Briefing

After the Spanish Lords attacked his merchandise, Uncle Kenny is angry. After Huang followed their chopper back to their warehouse, Kenny knows where it is. He wants Huang to break into their warehouse and steal as much as he can.


Drive to the indicated warehouse in Bohan. Once there you will need to open the gate. Go to the indicated position and play the lock smashing minigame (instructions are shown in-game). Once the gate is open several Spanish Lord goons will come at you armed with Pistols and Uzis. They are pretty easy to take out. Whilst you are doing so, get into the indicated van at the back of the warehouse. A cutscene will then show some more thugs closing the gate. Get out of the van and head back to the gate. Kill them all and another bunch of goons will spawn and open the gate. Kill them too and head back to the van. Get in and drive through the open gate and follow the radar back to Uncle Kenny's place. Watch out for Spanish Lords cars looking for revenge. Once you get back to Kenny's the mission is complete.


(At Kenny's Warehouse)

Kenny: We have taught the Spanish Lords the error of their thieving ways. It's time to give them a lesson in the art of noble conduct. And trust me, my boy, nothing says 'nobility' like murder, theft, and kicking someone when they are down. We will raid this warehouse where their most valuable merchandise is held but, unlike those thieving dogs, we will only take that which is rightfully ours.

Huang: Then we'll destroy the place and kill a shit load of the bastards?

Kenny: Obviously. What do you take me for? A metrosexual on a cleanse?

Huang: Never uncle! Do you think we will find that stupid sword Yu Jian, there?

Kenny: Maybe. ...Perhaps we should take everything - just to be certain. Then destroy the place and kill a lot of them. Just for good form's sake.


There is no monetary reward for this mission, however the next mission; Weapons of Mass Distraction, is unlocked. Also, any drugs that the player finds in the van are theirs for the taking. After this mission, the player can return to the warehouse whenever they like to repeat the process to obtain more drugs.

Easter Egg

The name is a play on the Star Wars movie 'The Empire Strikes Back'.

Mission Replay description

"We took the fight to those moron Spanish Lords, and raided their main storehouse.

I'd hoped we'd find Yu Jian, but there was no sign of it.

I should keep raiding that warehouse - not that I hold out any hopes that my father's sword will turn up - it's just for shits, giggles and money."