Madd Dogg (mission)

Madd Dogg
Carl Johnson tries to talk Madd Dogg out of committing suicide
Carl Johnson tries to talk Madd Dogg out of committing suicide

Carl Johnson tries to talk Madd Dogg out of committing suicide
Game GTA San Andreas
For Madd Dogg
Location Royal Casino, Las Venturas, San Andreas
Reward Respect
Unlocks Saint Mark's Bistro (if Green Goo and High Noon have been completed)
Unlocked by The Meat Business

Madd Dogg is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas accessed independently by protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson from the Royal Casino, a casino located along The Strip in Las Venturas, San Andreas.


Carl comes to the south side of the Royal Casino, checking on somebody who is about to jump of the roof of the casino. One of the people says that the guy is Madd Dogg, a former successful rapper. Carl then tries to make him not jump off of the roof, but Madd Dogg says his life doesn't mean anything anymore. He has lost everything, from his money to his fame. Carl once again tries to make him reconsider about jumping, but Madd Dogg ignores Carl's statement. Carl then realizes he needs to save Madd Dogg even if out of guilt because he had ruined his career in the first place.

Carl gets in a nearby Walton and parks near the casino. He then eventually catches Madd Dogg in the back of the truck, which is filled with cardboard boxes. Carl then takes Madd Dogg to a rehabilitation center. Carl suggests that he be his new manager, so that Madd Dogg could probably go back to recording again.


Guy #1: JUMP! Go on, jump! Oh, shit - Jesus...

Guy #2: Jump! Come on, man, jump! You got it.

CJ: Hey, what's happening? Who's the idiot?

Guy #1: Some washed up rapper.

Guy #2: It's Madd Dogg! Used to be a real chart-topping cat. Real playa!

CJ: Madd Dogg? Aw, man.

Guy #2: Jump! Come on!

Guy #1: He lost all his money in the casino and went batso!

CJ: Hey, MADD DOGG! Whatchoo doing up there, fool?

Madd Dogg: Do I know you? I don't think so, so shut the fuck up! This is the end! It's over! Wuh - woah! Ohhh...

Guy #1: Oh shit oh shit oh shit he's gonna go over he's gonna go over!

CJ: No, Dogg, get a grip, dude, get a grip - you still got it! You still gangsta!

Madd Dogg: I don't give a fuck no more. My manager got killed, some asshole stole my rhyme book. Shit is rough. All the kids like this "Loc OG" or whatever the fuck his name is. Some fake ass gangster rapper bullshit. Liquor's my only friend. Woah! Shit...

CJ: Come on, Dogg! You just need a new manager, baby, you're looking at him!

Madd Dogg: I hate y'all.

CJ: Just come in off that ledge, man!

Guy #1: Hey, don't talk him out of jumping, we got good money on this!

Guy #2: Yeah, good odds, too!

CJ: Damn, this town is cold...

Guy #1: Man, jump!

(A few attendants at the Royal Casino are trying to help Madd Dogg.)

Madd Dogg: Stay the fuck away - stay the fuck away!! I'm the best rapper in the universe! I'll jump! I'll jump! Woah! Wa-ah-ah!

CJ: Oh, hell no! I gotta catch this fool.

(While Carl is trying to save Madd Dogg with an open Walton, people start throwing comments.)

Madd Dogg: Stay back!

Elvis Impersonator: Jump! Look what dying did for my career!

Madd Dogg: This is it! This is the end! I'm out!

(Madd Dogg jumps, but Carl saves him by having him land into the open trunk. On the way to a rehabilitation center, Carl and Madd Dogg have a conversation.)

CJ: Time to take your sorry ass to rehab you drunken idiot.

Madd Dogg: Am I still the top rapper, dude?

CJ: Best there ever was. Second to nobody else, homeboy. And the name's Carl.

Madd Dogg: Thanks, Carl... (vomits)

(At the clinic, Madd Dogg is received by some medics.)

CJ: Hey, get yourself straightened out, then we can get you back in the studio.

Madd Dogg: Carl.

CJ: What?

Madd Dogg: When I get clean I'm gonna need a new manager. Thought I might look you up.

CJ: You do that, homie.



  • If the player uses the "Pedestrian Riot" cheat before this mission, Madd Dogg will immediately jump after the opening cutscene, making this mission impossible to complete. If this occurs, the only way to finish the mission is to activate the slow-motion cheat, adrenaline effect cheat, and the like, in the hopes of reaching Madd Dogg mid-jump- it will still be a very difficult sprint and drive to catch him.
  • Many players have also reported that heavy cheat usage will cause a similar effect.


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