Green Goo

Green Goo
The Truth flies in on Carl Johnson with the jetpack.
The Truth flies in on Carl Johnson with the jetpack.

The Truth flies in on Carl Johnson with the jetpack.
Game GTA San Andreas
For The Truth
Target Green Goo
Location Verdant Meadows, Bone County
Reward $20,000 and the Verdant Meadows airstrip as an asset
Unlocks Jetpack
Saint Mark's Bistro (if High Noon and Madd Dogg have been completed)
Verdant Meadows Airstrip as an asset
Unlocked by Black Project

Green Goo is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by aging hippie The Truth from the Verdant Meadows Aircraft Graveyard in eastern Bone County, San Andreas.


Carl is in the airstrip, sitting on a crate, looking and waiting for The Truth. Suddenly, The Truth, who is riding the jetpack, comes out of nowhere and heads straight for Carl, who ends up avoiding him. He later says he can't fly the jetpack, so Carl should better do the task, like he previously did when stealing it. He should head for a train heavily protected by guards, kill the guards, and get the "stuff". Carl asks what stuff, but The Truth is not in the know. Carl, being confused and a little angry, asks him why, but he just asks Carl to get the stuff "they" least want him to get.

Carl heads for the train, which is coming from Prickle Pine. He kills the guards protecting the train. He then shoots at three blue crates, with one crate revealing the package needed for The Truth. He collects a vial of blob-and-slime, and takes it back to The Truth, who is waiting at the airstrip. Carl gives it to The Truth, who calls the vial "everything". Carl asks one more time what it really is, but it turns too late, as The Truth drives off in The Mothership.


CJ: Damn. Where is this fool?

(The Truth comes flying the jetpack but with loss of control.)

The Truth: Woooah!Shit! Oh!

CJ: Hey, man, look out!

The Truth: (falls to the ground as Carl avoids him) Damn! Ow! (gets up) THE NEW AGE BEGINS HERE!

CJ: Say what?

The Truth: Not all fantastic things are lies, Carl! Today, we'll know EVERYTHING.

CJ: Oh, I can hardly wait. I hear knowledge is truly sacred in this part of the world.

The Truth: Man, I've tried, but I can't fly for shit! You better do it. Land on the train, kill the guards, get in and steal the stuff.

CJ: Oh, yeah. What stuff?

The Truth: I don't know yet!

CJ: Oh. You don't know yet! I was starting to think you was a lunatic. What do you mean, you don't know yet?

The Truth: You'll be stealing the answer! Look, fly the jet pack. Land on the train. And steal whatever they least want us to get. Shhh. Listen. They're coming. We better go. Peace on earth, dude.

(Carl returns to the airstrip with a vial of the "stuff" The Truth needed.)

The Truth: You got it, man?

CJ: I got something.

The Truth: Let me see. Oooh... Everything is different now.

CJ: What is it?

The Truth: Everything. They will call this 'year zero'. I'll be in touch.

CJ: Wait! What is... (The Truth drives away) Yeah, see you around.


The reward for this mission is $20,000. The airstrip is now an asset, which generates a maximum of $10,000. A jetpack is now always available as a spawn near the water tank, the garage and the abandoned AC tower on the eastern part of the airstrip.

Given that Las Venturas segment missions High Noon and Madd Dogg have been completed, which is highly unlikely due to pre-mission phone call dialogue suggesting only a time frame of 5 minutes, as well as continuity glitches, the mission Saint Mark's Bistro is unlocked.


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