Safehouses in GTA IV

As in previous Grand Theft Auto games, safehouses in Grand Theft Auto IV are available in Liberty City for Niko Bellic to use to save the game, watch TV, and a wardrobe to change his clothes. GTA IV has a total of five safehouses, one of which becomes inaccessible early on, and one of which is optional.

The number of safehouses in GTA IV is a sharp reduction from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which offered up to thirty-seven safehouses, however none of the five safehouses are required to be purchased, as the player is automatically awarded safehouses upon completion of specific missions.


Safehouses are redesigned in GTA IV; instead of spinning save icons, the player approaches the bed within the safehouse, and selects the option to sleep and save their game. Garages used to store vehicles are replaced by yellow-outlined "RESIDENTS PARKING ONLY" parking spaces located on the street outside the safehouses; these parking lots are able to hold up to two full-size sedans, and are also known to be able to save helicopters. A television is also available in each safehouse, and two safehouses offer additional equipment — a pool table at the optional northern Algonquin safehouse, and a laptop with internet capability at the eastern Algonquin safehouse. The northern Algonquin safehouse can also be used for internet acess on the main floor of the building.

Although some safehouses will not be available until their appearance in the story (and one may be skipped entirely), their parking spaces are still usable to the player. For example, players may park vehicles at the Bohan safehouse at any time from the beginning of the game, despite the safehouse itself only being accessible later in the game. Note also that once Roman's apartment in Broker is no longer able to be used, its parking spaces will remain functional. Also, although game dialogue eventually suggests that the Bohan safehouse is no longer safe, and Niko is told outright to stay at the Alderney safehouse in lieu of any others, nothing prevents Niko from continuing to use any safehouse, with the exception of Roman's apartment, and even then, as noted, the parking spots remain functional for storing vehicles.

Image Name Location Unlocked by
Roman's Apartment Mohawk Ave, Hove Beach, Broker Completing The Cousins Bellic; Unavailable after Roman's Sorrow, however the parking space can still be used.
South Bohan Apartment Joliet Street, South Bohan, Bohan Completing Roman's Sorrow. Given to Niko and Roman by Mallorie Bardas' family. Used by Niko and Roman after the Broker Safehouse is burned down.
Middle Park East Penthouse Albany Avenue, Middle Park East, Algonquin Completing Hostile Negotiation and waiting for Roman's phone call. Used by Niko and Roman when Roman wins enough money to buy it.
Playboy X's Penthouse Xenotime Street, North Holland, Algonquin Killing Playboy X and sparing Dwayne in The Holland Play. Dwayne gives the apartment to Niko as thanks for killing Playboy. Can still be accessed and interacted with if you don't kill Playboy, but you can't save, change your wardrobe, and watch TV. The parking space can still be used no matter what.
Alderney Safehouse Mahesh Avenue, Alderney City, Alderney Completing Ray Boccino's first mission A Long Way to Fall and Derrick McReary's first mission Smackdown. You'll then receive a text message from Ray to "Keep an eye out for you".

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