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Survival is a game mode in Grand Theft Auto Online. They are unlocked at Rank 15 and are fought to keep Trevor Phillips Enterprises in monopoly of drugs in Blaine County and Los Santos. In total there are ten waves, all increasing in difficulty to the point where multiple helicopters are sent and the enemies having a better arsenal to kill the players. Up to four players can play a single Survival match. 

If a player dies, he/she must spectate the other players who are alive. If all the teammates die, everyone fails the Survival.


Depending on the wave, different weapons will spawn. Health packs and armor are available from start.

Wave 1

Combat Pistol

Wave 2

Micro SMG


Wave 3

Norinco Type 56-2

Wave 4-7

Advanced Rifle

Sticky Bomb


Assault Shotgun

Tear Gas


Wave 8-10




A vacant scrapyard in the middle of the Grand Senora Desert filled with decommissioned aircraft. There are various different hiding spots. Rednecks are the enemies.

Del Perro Pier

A large pier that has many tourist attractions and public bathrooms to hide in. The Lost MC are the enemies. Del Perro Pier was opened as a Survival location for the Beach Bum pack.


Located in the scrapyard of El Burro Heights, Processed is a risky area for Survival. There are several shipping containers in the area for hiding in case the enemies become overpowered.

Sandy Survival

Being set right in the middle of town, there are few good locations to hold out. It is recommended to climb to the rooftops or go inside one of the stores, but even then, Sandy Shores is one of the more difficult Survivals.

Industrial Plant

An abandoned industrial plant in the Grand Senora Desert. Watch out for enemies hiding behind the cargo shipments.

Sawmill Plant

Set near Paleto Bay. Hillbillies are the enemies. The Sawmill Plant was opened as a Survival location for the Valentine's Day Massacre Special.

Maze Bank Tower

Set at the Maze Bank Tower in Downtown Los Santos. The Los Santos Police are the enemies. The Maze Bank Tower was opened as a Survival location for the Business Update.


  • All guns retrieved in Survival will be kept until the player exits the server.
  • Vehicles cannot be used in Survival as the game will prevent you from opening the door. However, it is possible to use a car if only the door is left open by an enemy. For a helicopter, even if it manages to be intact after losing it's pilot and crashing, players will be unable to use it.