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A Truck Cab SX pulling a flat bed Transporter trailer, which in turn is carrying an unmarked Z-Type, in GTA 2.

Towing refers to an ability in Grand Theft Auto games to tow or pull an object, specifically a trailer or vehicle, using another vehicle. The feature is first made possible in Grand Theft Auto 2, where semi-trailer trucks possess the ability to pull trailers, and the feature reappears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto V, while Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars only features one vehicle with a permanently attached trailer.


Attachments with trailers simply require the player reverse their vehicle into the front of a trailer until the camera readjusts itself to center on both the hauler and the trailer, confirming the coupling is complete. When pulling a trailer, the vehicle will possess poorer performance due to the need to pull extra weight, especially with regards to steering as the vehicle is now longer. Players have the option of detaching trailers after attachment.


All in all, GTA 2 features three forms of trailers, one of which is somewhat useful in actual gameplay. The Truck Cab and the Truck Cab SX represent the game's only two semi-trailer trucks, and are also the only vehicles in GTA 2 capable of attaching to and pulling trailers. Players may detach a trailer using the attack key or button.

Trailers sustain damage like other vehicles, and also emit fire the same way when heavily damage, even exploding when destroyed, posing a danger to the player if they are pulling a trailer that is in bad condition.

GTA San Andreas

A Tanker truck with a "Tanker Trailer" attached in GTA San Andreas.

GTA San Andreas reintroduced the ability to pull loads. The game mechanics of attaching to and pulling a trailer is roughly the same as in GTA 2, but trailers may decouple from a vehicle using a specific command or if physical force (i.e. jackknifing, dislodging due to rough terrains or jumps, excessive speed, etc.) is subjected to the trailer. However, there is no single button to detach the trailers. There is a glitch in the PS2 version where taking a picture of the attachment will detach the trailers but the glitch is fixed in subsequent versions.

Along with the game's three semi-trailer trucks (the Linerunner, Tanker and Roadtrain), the game also introduces a different range of vehicles with roughly the same capability, including:

  • The Tow Truck, which employs an adjustable boom at the back to pull any large vehicle.
  • The Tractor, which uses an adjustable tow hitch to pull smaller hauls or large vehicles.
  • The Utility Van and Baggage, which feature a stationary tow hitch to pull smaller hauls.

The trailers themselves consist of a more varied range of items, some of which are not available unless they are spawned using a third-party trainer. In total, GTA San Andreas features a eight types of trailers: Four semi-trailers and four specialized trailers.

A Tanker in Chinatown Wars, which possesses the same driving characteristics of a semi-trailer truck with a trailer in GTA 2.

All trailers in general are capable of exploding entirely if severely damaged or flipped over, but specialized trailers have several other peculiarities, including functional headlights and taillights that light up at night or in a dark location, and the ability to emit smoke if sufficiently damaged (Including those that would never burn, much less explode). Truck trailers are prominently used in the Trucking side mission.

GTA Chinatown Wars

Although the ability to hitch to or detach from trailers is unavailable in GTA Chinatown Wars, the game's Tanker, which consists of a truck permanently attached to a tanker trailer, still possesses the same heavy driving characteristics of a semi-trailer truck pulling a trailer as GTA 2 (as the vehicle's cornering is more stiff than in GTA San Andreas). The Tanker is the only vehicle in the game with this design trait.


GTA V reintroduces the towing mechanic in virtually the same manner as GTA San Andreas. Four semi-trailer trucks are featured - the Barracks Semi, Hauler, Packer and Phantom. Several varieties of trailers are present (including functioning car transporters), although some trailers spawn with an orange bar blocking the coupling, preventing an attachment.

In addition, the Tow Truck returns with its own ability of towing cars.

List of trailers


Image Name Description
Container-GTA2.png Container A container trailer.
Tanker-GTA2.png Tanker A tanker trailer for liquid loads. Not to be confused with a Tanker truck (Early Ray Larabie design).
Transporter-GTA2.png Transporter A flat bed trailer. With the Transporter, the player has the ability to place any car on the trailer using single, unmarked cranes located in each district of the city; likewise, vehicles on trailers can be unloaded using the same cranes. When a gang car is placed on the truck, its gang markings disappears for as long as it is on the trailer.

GTA San Andreas

Image Name Description
A "artict1" Articulated Trailer.
Articulated Trailer A trailer designed to carry solid loads. The trailer is available in three forms, two fully covered (artict1 and artict3) and one hopper (artict2).
A "artict2" Articulated Trailer.
A "artict3" Articulated Trailer.
A Tanker Trailer.
Tanker Trailer A fuel tank trailer bearing Xoomer livery.
Specialized trailers
A Farm Trailer.
Farm Trailer A cultivator intended to be pulled by a Tractor, complete with functional chisels that move as the Farm Trailer is in motion. The Farm Trailer can be found at the east side of the farm buildings across the water west of Palomino Creek. It can also be found at a farm in Tierra Robada near the Bait Shop, although no Tractors can be found in the desert.
A Utility Trailer.
Utility Trailer A black utility trailer intended for the Utility Van. The trailer is not normally available in game, and can only be spawned using a third-party trainer or car spawner. The reason for its lack of availability in-game is unknown. If the trailer is spawned at night, connected to the Utility Van, then turned on its side or upsidedown a headlight can be seen.
A Tug Stairs.
Tug Stairs A mobile staircase commonly found in airports, intended for the Baggage and ideal for access into an AT-400 where a permanent platform is not available. Its high center of gravity may often lead it to topple over during high speed cornering.
A "bagbox a" Baggage Box.
Baggage Box A luggage box commonly found in airports, and intended for the Baggage. Available open (bagbox a) or closed (bagbox b), and may also be attached to other Baggage Boxes or the Tug Stairs. The Baggage Box also features its own steering axle.
A "bagbox b" Baggage Box.