Tavell Clinton

Tavell Clinton
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Tavell Clinton


Gender Gender::Male
Place of Birth Los Santos, San Andreas
Nationality American
Home Chamberlain Hills, Los Santos (? - 2013)
Schottler, Liberty City (current)
Family Denise Clinton (aunt)
Franklin Clinton (cousin)
Main Affiliations Lamar Davis (friend)
Stretch (friend)
Tanisha Jackson (friend)
Nicolson Bell (friend)
The Families (former)
Little Jacob (2013, possible)
Real Badman (2013, possible)
Businesses Barista

Tavell Clinton is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a Lifeinvader user in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character history

Tavell Clinton is, in 2013, a Families gang member living in Schottler, Liberty City, the nephew of Denise Clinton and cousin of Franklin Clinton. He moved to Liberty City in early 2013 and lives in an apartment in Schottler with two Jamaicans and a student from Senegal. Shortly after moving to the city he spray painted "CGF" (Chamberlain Gangster Families) on the Broker Bridge and becomes a barista, while also spotting Tony McTony and Jill Von Crastenburg. He is also asked by Pathos to purchase on his CDs and rides the Screamer rollercoaster on Firefly Island.

Lifeinvader updates

His own page
  • Just moved into my new place in Schottler - escape one hood to live in another!
  • 6 months in Liberty City! Been there and got the tshirt baby!
  • Just saw Tony McTony outside the meTV building and I believe the camera adds 5 inches!
  • Sharing an apartment with 2 Jamaicans and a student from Senegal. 4 black dudes who don't understand each other!
  • Just sprayed CGF on the Broker Bridge. Representing!
  • You should've seen this fool Pathos trying to get me to buy his CD on the street corner. If a home'd hassled me like that back home he'd have got laid down!
  • Man I miss home. I just experienced 4 seasons in one day!
  • Weird that people actually use the train in Liberty City.
  • Got a job as a "barista" - Italian word that translates as "fool who serves rich people coffee"
  • Why is everyone so neurotic here??? Where's all the new-agey heavily medicated peeps??? #missthewestcoast
  • Don't nobody know how to barbecue on the East Coast?
  • Roman's Taxi Service = worst cab company ever
  • Just spotted Jill Von Crastenburg running in middle park - does anybody even care about her any more?
  • Props to my cousin Franklin pimping it with a crib in Vinewood Hills now!!
  • Finally smoked a blunt on the top of Rotterdam Tower!
  • Ok - Little Italy??? I might be a black man from South LS but even I know that aint real Italian food.
  • They're saying that MC Clip got jacked at a photo shoot! I know it's cold but that fakeass wannabe had some bad karma coming his way for along time.
  • Went on the Firefly Fly Screamer today! "antique" and "rollercoaster" aint two words that should go together!
  • Feeling a long way from LS today. Missing my ma, my big cousin Franklin, Aunt Denise.
  • Ok I think it worked it out. People in Liberty City say fuck you and mean how you doing, people in Los Santos say how you doing and mean fuck you.
Franklin Clinton's page
  • Is this seriously all the friends you got? Or are you just too cool for Lifeinvader?
  • I never seen so many crazy deathwish drivers in Liberty City - you'd fit right in here!
  • Just on the news about MC Clip gettin jumped. You can only fake it for so long before something real comes at you.
  • Maybe I made the right move after all coming out here. Shit looks crazy in LS right now. Look after yourself, F.