The Good Husband

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The Good Husband
Game GTA V
Protagonist Michael De Santa
For Amanda De Santa
Objective Retrieve Amanda from Didier Sachs and lose the police
Location Rockford Hills, Los Santos
Fail Failing to reach Amanda in time
Amanda dies
Amanda is arrested
Unlocked by Friend Request

The Good Husband is an optional mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to Michael by his wife Amanda via phone.


Michael gets a phone call from Amanda saying she had been arrested over a "misunderstanding" at Didier Sachs after the store detective accuses her of shoplifting. If Michael decides to help her, Michael goes to the store to steal the Police Cruiser Amanda is detained in. After evading the police, Michael frees Amanda from the handcuffs and takes her home. After arriving at the De Santa mansion, Amanda tells Michael to get rid of the police car and thanks him for bailing her out.

If Michael refuses to help Amanda, she takes $5,000 from his bank account for legal fees.


  • When Michael takes the handcuffs off Amanda, he will mention that he remembers Amanda doing the "the old girl cop routine." Stating that one of Amanda's stripping routines, when she was a stripper, was dressing up in a sexy police outfit. 
  • The mission title is a play of the CBS series "The Good Wife".

Video walkthrough

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