The Shootist

The Shootist
Tommy Vercetti asking Ken Rosenberg and Cam Jones if they any one in Vice City who could act as a stick up man for their planned bank robbery.

Tommy Vercetti asking Ken Rosenberg and Cam Jones if they any one in Vice City who could act as a stick up man for their planned bank robbery.
Game GTA Vice City
For Malibu Club
Target Befriend Phil Cassidy
Location Vice Point, Vice City
Fail Death of Tommy Vercetti
Arrest of Tommy Vercetti
Death of Phil Cassidy
Death of one of the shooters
Failure to get 60 points at the shooting range
Reward $2,000
Unlocks The Driver
Loose Ends (after completing Check Out At The Check In)
Unlocked by No Escape?

The Shootist is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti for the Malibu Club in Vice Point, Vice City as an asset mission.


Tommy Vercetti, having recruited a safe cracker for his planned bank robbery, informs Ken Rosenberg and Cam Jones that he needs somebody who knows how to use a gun. Jones recommends gun runner Phil Cassidy, saying he is the best in the city. Vercetti follows Jones' recommendation and meets Cassidy at a shooting range at the Ammu-Nation store in Downtown.

Vercetti offers Cassidy a place on his team, although Cassidy responds that he would only join if Vercetti can prove himself with firearms. Vercetti then takes part in a shooting range challenge, initially involving Cassidy and an un-named citizen. Vercetti first shoots at three dumies suspended from the ceilings, moving left to right, shooting at the dummy to break parts off. Vercetti then enters a second and third phase where he walks through a series of indoor streets and shoots cardboard frames holding guns in windows and doorways, as well as ones that appear in front of him.

Vercetti, having acquired a total of at least sixty points during the three challenges, successfully persuades Cassidy to join him as his gun man for the bank robbery.


Tommy Vercetti: We need a stick up man. You know one?

Ken Rosenberg: Hey, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. This stuff keeps you sharp, man. WooOOOooo! I could be your stick up man! Stick 'em up! Stick 'em up!

Tommy Vercetti: You ain't a stick up man, you're an idiot! Now get yourself a drink and shut up.

Ken Rosenberg: Hey, get out of my way! Yeh, yeh, yeh - ow ow ow!

Cam Jones: Relax.

Tommy Vercetti: Cam, what do you think?

Cam Jones: Well, the best shooter in this town is a guy named Phil Cassidy.

Tommy Vercetti: Is that so?

Cam Jones: Yeah. A military guy, or he thinks he is. I doubt he was ever in the army, but he certainly knows how to get a hold of guns. He'll be down at the shooting range.

(Tommy meeting Phil at the range)

Tommy Vercetti: You Phil Cassidy?

Phil Cassidy: Why?

Tommy Vercetti: I'm looking for a man who can handle a gun. From this set-up, I'm not too convinced.

Phil Cassidy: Son, I could shoot a fly off your head at 80 feet.

Tommy Vercetti: Oh really?

Phil Cassidy: Yeah, I learnt in the army.

Tommy Vercetti: Fly shooting really popular in the army? Glad I don't pay taxes.

Phil Cassidy: You tryin' to be funny, kid? Ha ha ha ha! Let's shoooot!

(Tommy asking Phil a favor after completing the shooting range challenge)

Tommy Vercetti: So do you wanna do me a favor, and help me put together a job?

Phil Cassidy: Son, after shooting like that, if you asked me to be your wife, I'd say yes!


The rewards for completing this mission are $2,000; a trophy on top of the TV in the Ocean View Hotel; unlocking the mission The Driver; and the shooting range is available in Downtown Ammunation. The mission Loose Ends is also unlocked, if the mission Check Out At The Check In has been completed.


  • The song heard during the opening cutscene is 99 Luftballons by Nena. It is also featured on the radio station Wave 103.
  • The song heard during the cutscene where Tommy meets Phil is Atomic by Blondie. It is also featured on Wave 103.
  • Grand Theft Auto III artwork of Misty and a Leone Family member appear during the street scene as targets.


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