Games: GTA IV
The Lost and Damned
The Ballad of Gay Tony
Locations: Little Bay, Bohan, Liberty City
Leaders: Dardan Petrela (? - 2008)
Type: Albanian crime syndicate
Enemies: Petrovic Family
Pegorino Family
McReary Mob
Affiliations: Ancelotti Family
Vehicles: Red-black Futo
Red Hakumai
Beige Willard
Weapons: Knife, Pistol, Micro-Uzi
Businesses: Blackmailing, Extortion, Gambling, Loan Sharking
Members: Dardan Petrela (deceased)
Kalem Vulaj (deceased)
Bledar Morina (deceased)
Preston Pecinovsky (deceased)
Albanian Biker (deceased)

The Albanians are a mafia based in Little Bay, Liberty City operates mainly in loan-sharking, blackmailing, extortion, and working as hired thugs for larger organizations such as the Ancelotti Family.They are hard to find in little bay but they are mostly seen in the night.

Albanian immigrants make up the majority of the gang. It seems that in Broker they are controlled by the boss of a gang Dardan Petrela, a loanshark who attempts to extort Roman Bellic. Dardan is joined by other Albanian thugs named Bledar Morina and Kalem Vulaj. The trio apparently have very little influence in Liberty City, considering the small scale of their dealings.

Being the weakest of the old Mafia families, the Ancelottis use the Albanians, rather than their own soldiers, as hired guns and delivery boys. The Irish Mob exploit this in their war against the Ancelottis -- in Gerald McReary's mission "I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots and Your Motorcycle", Niko disguises himself as an Albanian gang member to frame them as having double-crossed the Ancelottis (the disguise -- an Albanian biker jacket -- is kept in Niko's wardrobe after the mission). The plot is eventually discovered by the Albanians, who then strike back by openly attacking the Irishmen throughout the city, even at a funeral for one of the McReary brothers (in the mission Undertaker).

In the Multiplayer mission "Bomb Da Base II", the Albanian Mob appear as the main antagonist, shipping stolen cars back to Europe without Kenny Petrovic's permission. The Albanians usually wear Albanian biker jackets in different colors, although some wear hoodies and other jackets. Many share the same NPC model as Kalem Vulaj; this model is also seen walking the streets as a pedestrian.

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  • In The Lost and Damned gang wars that involved Albanians, Clay Simons always refer them specifically as "eastern-euro fucks" and "tracksuit-wearing motherfuckers".
  • In GTA IV After the mission Undertaker the Albanians lost their turf in Little Bay as it is now under control of The Lost Brotherhood.
  • The mafia Albanians is based to the real life Albanians Mafia.