Triads-Leone War

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Triads-Leone War







Leone Family Victory


Portland Triads

Leone Family


Mr. Wong (presumed)

Salvatore Leone
Toni Cipriani


Triad gang members
The Wong Brothers
Lee Chong

Leone Family gang members
Toni Cipriani
Mickey Hamfists
Luigi Goterelli


Heavy Casualties
Turtle Head Fishing Co.
Mr. Wong's Launderette
Reputation, turf and influence.

Heavy Casualties
Turtle Head Fishing Co.


The Triads-Leone War was, as the name states, a giant gang war fought between the Leone Family and the Portland Triads in Grand Theft Auto III. The war was primarily fought in Chinatown, Portland, Liberty City. The gang war serves as the first section of GTA III's storyline. Major players involved in the war included Toni Cipriani, Claude and Salvatore Leone. The war is one of the three major gang wars in Grand Theft Auto III, the other two being the Yakuza-Leone War and the Yakuza-Cartel War.

Before the War

The Leones began to have bad terms with the Triads sometime during the events of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories when the Triads blew up a Leone warehouse (which then became the Turtle Head Fish Factory, a front for the Triads). They were trying to push out the Leones for the Sicilian Mob.

In GTA LCS, the Triad gang's unnamed leader and some other gang members were killed by Toni Cipriani after his mother had assumed that he left Liberty City because he was scared of the Triads. He proved her wrong by killing two teams of Triad mobsters. After the Sindacco Family were forced out of Portland, the Triads became a big problem for the Leones as they started moving in on the rest of Chinatown. Massimo Torini of the Sicilian Mafia had predicted them to do so. It was part of his plan to destroy all other mob influence in Portland. Toni was sent to follow Torini through Chinatown for information, but he was spotted by the Triads, whom he killed during his escape. The Triads later retaliated by blowing up Salvatore Leone's warehouse in Callahan Point.

Later on in 2001, during the mission Farewell 'Chunky' Lee Chong, Joey Leone sent Claude to kill Lee Chong for selling cheap SPANK in his noodle stand.

The War Begins

Sometime between 1998 and 2001, an all-out war between the Triads and the Leones erupted as the Triads attempted to muscle in on Leone Family businesses in Chinatown.

In the mission Cipriani's Chauffeur, Toni Cipriani tells Claude to drive him to Mr. Wong's Laundromat which pays protection to the Leone Family, in order to collect some protection money, only to find out that they now pay protection to the Triads. The Triads inside the store chase and open fire on Toni, forcing Claude to pick him up and deliver him to his Momma's Restaurante in Saint Mark's. Toni, angry about how the Triads had taken over one of the Leone's businessses in the last mission, tells Claude to blow up three Triad Fish Vans. Claude successfully succeeds in this task, despite getting attacked by angry Triads. Toni then informs Claude that Mr. Wong had agreed to pay protection and tells him to pick up the money, but when he gets there, he is instead attacked by the Triads. Claude, however, manages to kill his attackers and takes the money back to Toni. In the mission Salvatore's Called A Meeting, Claude picks up Joey Leone, Luigi Goterelli and Toni Cipriani but during the way they are attacked by the Triads, who are angered at the fact that Toni has been calling attacks on the Triads. Claude manages to fight them all off and gets to Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club where Leone Family Don Salvatore Leone discusses about the Triads.

The End of the War

After a while, Toni Cipriani instructs Claude and two other Leone Family soldiers to kill three Triad warlords, which they successfully managed to pull off, weakening the Triads. Finally in, the mission Blow Fish, Toni tells Claude to pick up a Trashmaster rigged with a bomb set up by 8-Ball and is told to bring it to the Turtle Head Fish Factory and blow it up. Although the Triads can still be seen in Chinatown after these events, they are never seen or mentioned again during the storyline, suggesting that the Leones won the war. While it is improbable that the Triads were finished in Liberty City, they were definitely irrevocably weakened because of the loss of their most powerful asset.



  • This gang war is the only gang war in which the Yakuza isn't involved in. It is also the only gang war in which the Triads are involved in.

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