Waste the Wife

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Waste the Wife
Tommy Vercetti receiving his instructions to kill Mrs. Dawson from his contact Mr. Black on a public payphone.

Tommy Vercetti receiving his instructions to kill Mrs. Dawson from his contact Mr. Black on a public payphone.
Game GTA Vice City
For Mr. Black
Target Mrs. Dawson
Location Vice Point, Vice City
Fail Death of Tommy Vercetti
Arrest of Tommy Vercetti
Shooting on/at Mrs. Dawson's Comet
Being too close to Mrs. Dawson when her Comet explodes
Losing Mrs. Dawson in the car chase
Reward $2,000
Unlocks Autocide (after completing The Fastest Boat)
Unlocked by Mall Shootout
Road Kill

Waste The Wife is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by Mr. Black from a public phone booth in Vice Point, Vice City.


Tommy Vercetti answers the ringing payphone in Vice Point. Mr. Black gets in contact once again with Tommy, thanking him for his earlier job well done and saying his client was pleased at Tommy's job. He then goes on to explain his next task; his employer wants his wife, Mrs. Dawson, dead. Tommy drives to the Jewellery shop in Vice Point, where he sees Dawson leaving and getting into her yellow Comet. Tommy destroys her car by ramming his car to it, to make it look like an accident, despite her attempts to escape after she realizes Tommy's intentions.


(Tommy answers a payphone in Vice Point)

Mr. Black: My compliments on a job well done, Mr. Teal. My client was very pleased. I have more work for you, with a more "hands-on" approach. Your next job is taped under the phone.


The reward for this mission is $2,000. If the mission The Fastest Boat has been completed, the mission Autocide is also unlocked.


  • In the mission the player can obtain the Comet with locked doors. Do a drive by on the car to fail the mission, the lady will then run out leaving the door open. Now you can get in the Comet. Police/law enforcement, civilians, and gangsters will not be able to pull you out. Be warned that you can not get back in if you close the door and if you save it in a garage, it will lose its special ability.
  • It is recommended to complete this mission before the completion of Guardian Angels so that Mrs. Dawson cannot flee into Starfish Island to escape from the player and the player has a smaller chance of failing the mission.
  • It is also recommended to obtain Ricardo Diaz's indestructible Admiral from the mission Guardian Angels to complete the mission, which can be obtained by failing or passing the mission. Because it is indestructible, the player will not have to constantly change cars because the previous one catches fire and explodes.
  • If the player has it, they can use a Rhino to ram into Mrs. Dawson's vehicle, instantly destroying it and clearing the mission.


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