The Angels of Death

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The Angels of Death
The Angels of Death patch
Games: GTA IV
The Lost and Damned
GTA Chinatown Wars
Locations: Beechwood City and BOABO, Broker and Northwood, Algonquin, Liberty City
Leader: Lester Arnold
Type: Outlaw Motorcycle Club
Enemies: The Lost Brotherhood
Algonquin Triads
Affiliations: Other Angels of Death chapters
Vehicles: Angel
Weapons: Knife
Fronts: Burger Shot
Auto Repair Shops
Members: Joe Jon, Albert Lawson, Lester Arnold
File:Angels of death members.jpg
Members of The Lost Brotherhood (left) and The Angels of Death (right)

The Angels of Death Motorcycle Club are a white supremacist outlaw biker gang operating around Algonquin, where they frequently hang out at their clubhouse located in Varsity Heights, Liberty City. They are supplied with Heroin by the Jaoming Triad and deal Cocaine with the Spanish Lords. Unlike The Lost MC, who have an exclusive Liberty City charter, the Angels of Death have numerous charters including ones in the UK, Scandinavia, Canada and Australia as well as one in every state of America. The Angels of Death also have a themepark in Florida and sell branded merchanise such as bed linen, books, party sets, diapers and even dildos. For this, The Lost MC accuse them of selling out to what is true.

According to their official in-game website,, the AOD started in San Andreas in 1949 as a small club for people unsatisfied with a non-segregated society. Lester Arnold is the leader of the Angels of Death and is based in San Fierro, along with Road Captain Joe Jon Johnson.

In Grand Theft Auto IV, they are operating around Beechwood City, can be seen "hanging out" around the Burger Shot and basketball court in Beechwood City, and can also be found cruising BOABO.

The Lost Brotherhood are their main rivals. They play a major role in The Lost and Damned. The gang appears to be based on the Hells Angels MC.

In The Lost and Damned Angels of Death members do not spawn in Beechwood City or BOABO, they only spawn around their clubhouse in Northwood. In The Lost and Damned the player can enter The Angels of Death clubhouse in multiplayer.

It is belived that the war between the Angels of Death and the Lost started over one of the old ladies sleeping with a Lost MC member.


  • The name "Angels of Death" may be a cultural reference to the song "Angel of Death" by Slayer, or to Nazi physician Josef Josef Mengele