A Daemon in The Lost and Damned.
A Daemon in The Lost and Damned.
A Daemon in The Lost and Damned.
Appearance(s) The Lost and Damned
Vehicle type Civilian/Gang motorbike
Body style Chopper
Capacity 2 (rider and passenger)
Manufacturer Western Motorcycle Company

The Western Motorcycle Company Daemon is a chopper style motorcycle featured in The Lost and Damned downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV, as well as Grand Theft Auto V. The bike can also be found in its unfinished form in game files for the PC version of GTA IV.



Similar to the real-life West Coast Choppers Shovelhead, the Daemon is designed as a regular "classic" chopper similar to the Zombie, but distinguishes itself with a single headlight, a flaming paintjob available in different shades of color, and generally thinner tires.

The unfinished GTA IV version of the Daemon sports several noticeable differences from its final TLAD form, including the lack of its custom paintjob and colorization of a mechanical part, as well as the inclusion of a small front fender.

The bike is a gang vehicle favored by the The Angels of Death in TLAD.


The Daemon is a fairly poor performing chopper, as the bike suffers from both a lower top speed of 125 kph/77 mph, as well as unresponsive steering that constantly requires the player to release the throttle in order to corner tightly. In other respects, the bike has average acceleration, average braking and average grip.