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*Los Santos International Airport
*Los Santos International Airport
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File:FlyUS Jet.jpg|A Jet in [[FlyUS]] livery.
==See also==
==See also==

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A Jet parked at Los Santos International Airport..
A Jet parked at Los Santos International Airport..
Appearance(s) GTA V
Vehicle type Civilian aircraft
Body style Four-engine twin-deck passenger jetliner

The Jet is a four-engine twin-deck jet airliner in Grand Theft Auto V. It can be found at Los Santos International Airport. It is the first controllable commercial wide-body aircraft in the HD Universe, and the second in the series after the AT-400 in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.



The Jet is based on the Boeing 747-400. It is the second largest controllable vehicle in the game, only smaller than the Cargo Plane. Jets with multiple liveries can be seen taking off and landing at Los Santos International Airport and parked near the terminal. A Jet can be entered pressing the enter vehicle button while standing near the plane. Oddly, no animation exists for entering the plane - the player will simply warp into the cockpit at this point.


The bulky appearance of the Jet betrays its unrealistic handling. It is on par with the Shamal and the Luxor in this aspect, and it is faster than the two private propeller planes in the game. It is harder to manoeuvre in the air because of its size and weight, but stunts can be easily performed while flying. On the ground, the Jet responds unrealistically quickly to rudder turns. The heaviness of the plane on the ground is only felt when taking off - the body of the aircraft takes a good two to three seconds longer to lift off the ground together with the nose.

The size of the airplane makes it considerably hard to land and impossible to save in the player's hangars - the latter of which is unnecessary, because of the proliferation of Jets around the runway grounds. It is possible, but extremely hard, to land the Jet on the longest runway at Sandy Shores Airfield, as the rocks, fences, and other objects may hit the low-mounted engines and cause the plane to explode on impact. The Jet is obviously too large to land at McKenzie Airfield.


  • Because of the simple name, the conspicuous lack of the enter-exit animations, and unrealistic handling, the Jet may have been a late addition to the game, or even an Easter Egg.
    • The Jet is not listed in the BradyGames guide for GTA V, further supporting the above theories.
  • The passenger windows of the plane light up at night if controlled by either player or NPCs.
    • The cockpit windows appear to be blacked out from the ground - however, they are actually transparent.
  • Molly Schultz is sucked through the engine of an Air Herler Jet in Legal Trouble. However, it is impossible to taxi a Jet into Devin Weston's hangar without damaging the vertical stabiliser.
  • The Jet is not available in Grand Theft Auto Online as of patch v1.11.

Prominent appearances


  • Los Santos International Airport



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