The 366 building seen from Portland.
Location: Torrington, Staunton Island
Height: 216 m (708,6 ft)

366 is a 216 m (708,6 ft) art deco tall skyscraper located in east of Staunton Island, Liberty City, in the neighborhood of Torrington, which appears in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. This building is inspired by the 500 Fifth Avenue in New York City.


366 is located in Downtown Staunton, south of the Police headquarters, west Kenji's Casino, east of AmCo headquarters and north of other building. The building name is not mentioned, but at the entrance, one can see the number 366 which can be its name. On one side of the building you can see a van (in GTA III), where it develops the main point of the mission Casino Calamity.



  • North of Belleville Park is a small building opposite the park, which is number 366 in a picture of the same design as this.

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