Lips 106 Headquarters

Lips 106 Headquarters
Looking at up Lips 106 Towers in GTA III.
Location: Newport, Staunton Island
Use: Offices
Height: 161 m (528,2 ft)

The Lips 106 Headquarters is a set of identical twin towers located on Newport at Staunton Island, Liberty City, which the radio station Lips 106 broadcasts from in Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, with the exception of Grand Theft Auto Advance where there are no radio stations, and so the towers do not appear likely.


Aerial view of headquarters in GTA III.

The towers have little importance in all their appearances as there are no missions are assigned here. There is a Hidden Package here in GTA LCS. Like other buildings in the city, the towers are located in the same area along with other small buildings or rather shops of clothing (for example Zip), weapons (Ammu-Nation), etc.. at north of the towers according to their location in the map. Lips 106 HQ may be Liberty City's equivalent to New York's World Trade Center.


Lips 106 Headquarters resembles the towers of Marina City in Chicago, although the design of the towers is closer to the 383 Madison Avenue in New York City.


  • In the offficial web site of GTA III the towers are referred to as "KBDDF Radio".