Boat School

Boat School

The Boat School is one of the four schools the player may take part in in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is located in Bayside Marina, which is located in the town of Bayside in northeast Tierra Robada. The Boat School is unlocked along with Driving School and Bike School after the mission Deconstruction and a subsequent phone call from Jethro.

Although the boat school can be accessed after Deconstruction, it is recommended that the player complete the mission after Yay Ka-Boom-Boom due to the fact that the final test, "Land, Sea and Air", places the player in a location that triggers a four-star wanted level if Tierra Robada has not been unlocked. Since the test is performed in a Vortex, this means that the player will be fired upon by Hydras, making the test a little difficult to complete, but not completely, as the Vortex has a good turning ability.

The school's completion is also entirely optional, and only has to be completed to achieve a statistical completion. It consists of several basic and some advanced lessons on using a boat. Completing these will reward the player boats. For completion, you only have to achieve all bronzes on the boat school.


  • Basic Seamanship (given boat is Coastguard)
  • Plot a Course (given boat is Coastguard)
  • Fresh Slalom (given boat is Dinghy)
  • Flying Fish (given vehicle is Vortex)
  • Land, Sea and Air (given vehicle is Vortex)


The reward for all Bronze is a Marquis, for all Silver a Squalo, and for all Gold a Jetmax. These will be docked in a small pier near the school.


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