Caida Libre

Caida Libre
Game GTA V
Protagonist Michael De Santa
Trevor Philips
For Martin Madrazo
Objective Shoot down Javier Madrazo's private jet and recover a case file for Martin
Location La Fuente Blanca
Fail The Burrito is destroyed prematurely
The plane gets out of Michael's range
Trevor loses sight of the plane
Reward A Fair Day's Pay achievement/trophy
Unlocks Minor Turbulence
Unlocked by I Fought the Law

Caida Libre is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonists Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips by Madrazo Cartel leader Martin Madrazo from his ranch just outside Los Santos.


Michael and Trevor arrive at La Fuente Blanca, individually, and Trevor asks what they are doing there. Michael responds that he wanted work and that this is work. They knock on the front door and Patricia Madrazo answers. Trevor begins flirting with her while Michael informs her they are looking for her husband Martin. They are invited in and Martin asks Patricia to get them drinks 'quickly' as the two sit down. Michael explains to Trevor that they are "old friends" but is told to tell Trevor the truth saying that Martin "is a terrifying psychopath who tried to kill me". Martin explains that people no longer fear him as much as they used to and in particular those who worked closely with him. Martin explains that his cousin Javier, who had previously handed Martin a baseball ball to hit Michael with, is thinking of testifying against him with some 'innocent' documents and that 'as a favor' he wants Michael and Trevor to kill him.

Martin tells them he has an anti-aircraft gun set up at Galileo Observatory and a man at Los Santos International Airport who will inform them when his Air Emu flight to Liberty City takes off. Trevor asks what the pay will be but Michael encourages him to leave as Patricia returns with the drinks. She asks if they want the drinks with Martin calling her a 'dumbass'. The two leave and head to the observatory with Michael taking control of the gun while Trevor will retrieve Martin's documents. Trevor explains that he has stolen a motorbike and Michael arrives, getting into the van with the gun left by Martin's men. Michael explains that if Trevor could see the gun he would be convinced not to mess with Martin. Trevor, however, states that 'The fancier the gun, the bigger the pussy who owns it'.

Michael uses the gun to shoot one of the planes engines twice, causing it to malfunction. The plane begins to lose altitude as the camera switches to Trevor who begins following it on a Sanchez. Michael explains that they have access to the transmissions to air traffic control and the two hear the pilot explaining that engine number two and the hydraulics have gone, and that he is going to have to land the plane and hope for the best. Trevor continues to follow as the plane goes over the Sandy Shores Airfield, unable to turn enough to land, and, after jumping a moving train drives past his trailer, screaming to Ron Jakowski that he had better be working. The pilot lands the plane in a field just off the Senora Fwy. Trevor arrives at the planes landing spot and kills Javier. He enters the plane and retrieves the documents from beside the deceased pilot.

Trevor then answers his phone, telling Michael that he has retrieved the documents and will return them to Martin in order to explain the human cost. The camera switches back to Michael at the observatory and he leaves the area before destroying the van. Michael then receives a phone call from Trevor who tells him to meet him at Stoner Cement Works rather than Martin's ranch. Michael arrives and Trevor arrives in Martin's Baller. Trevor explains that he asked for a fair days pay after completing the task and that Martin refused so he kidnapped his wife Patricia, who he reveals to be bound in the trunk of the Baller. Michael responds angrily, having already experienced Martin's anger, as Trevor places Patricia in the front passenger seat. Trevor then drives away heading toward his trailer in Sandy Shores with Patricia and Michael in the car as the camera switches to Franklin Clinton playing with Chop.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Floor It Reach top speed on the Sanchez.
Glued to the Seat Do not fall off the Sanchez during the chase.
One Two Three Shoot down the plane with only three shots.


  • The Sandy Shores Airfield is referred to as the Alamo Sea Airfield.
  • Trevor tells Michael he should visit Sandy Shores during the mission, which Michael is later forced to do after Trevor kidnaps Patricia Madrazo.
  • The conversation between the pilot and air control is treated as being part of the conversation between Michael and Trevor, and so it can be interrupted by falling off the Sanchez. This also means that some dialogue can be delayed so that the pilot is talking about the imminent crash landing even after he has landed.

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