Madrazo Cartel

Madrazo Cartel
Games: GTA V
GTA Online
Locations: Vinewood Hills, Los Santos (Martin's house)
La Fuente Blanca
Sandy Shores
Leader: Martin Madrazo
Type: Drug cartel
Enemies: Ballas
The Lost Brotherhood
Merryweather Security Consulting
Michael De Santa (former)
Trevor Philips (former)
Vehicles: Baller
Weapons: Baseball Bat
Businesses: Drug trafficking
Fronts: House in Vinewood Hills
La Fuente Blanca
Members: Javier Madrazo (Deceased)

The Madrazo Cartel is a Mexican-American drug cartel run by Martin Madrazo appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Gang history

The Madrazo Cartel have, by 2013, a well-known reputation for the way they treat their enemies with Franklin Clinton warning Michael De Santa not to mess with Martin Madrazo. In 2013 the gang has established itself in Los Santos and Blaine County, coming into conflict with the Ballas, The Lost Brotherhood and Merryweather Security Consulting. Martin began employing an unnamed associate to steal and destroy drug and other shipments in order to advance their own interests. The associate steals some cocaine, steals a truck full of weapons, steals a shipment of televisions from the Ballas, destroys two Cement Trucks loaded with drugs, steals cocaine from Merryweather Security Consulting, kills members of The Lost Brotherhood operating a brothel in Sandy Shores, escorts an associate, Juan, to his house, steals a van and protects an associate from Merryweather mercenaries.

The gangs activities, however, had resulted in the FIB to begin investigating the gang. By 2013 they had convinced Javier Madrazo, Martin's cousin, and a former female employee to give evidence against him. Madrazo hires the unnamed associate to kill the investigating DA, kill a possible witness, kill a former female employee, kill a judge, kill the editor of the Daily Globe, kill a former friend at Fort Zancudo, kill twelve jurors and ambushing an FIB team to retrieve some documents.

Later in the year, Martin visits the De Santa House to find Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton who had pulled down the house of his mistress thinking it was the house of a tennis coach found sleeping with Michael's wife after his men had given chase when they fled the scene. Martin, telling them he is a legitimate business man, has Franklin assure Michael that he is not to be messed with before demanding they pay him $2.5 million to rebuild the house. Michael and Franklin later pay Martin back and, satisfied with their efforts, hires Michael and his friend Trevor Philips to kill his cousin as he attempted to leave Los Santos. The two successfully kill Javier but Trevor also kidnaps Martin's wife Patricia. The two take her to Trevor's trailer in Sandy Shores. Trevor later returns Patricia to her now visibly scared husband. The gang, while Patricia is living with Trevor, do not attempt to locate her or are unsuccessful in doing so.


  • Gang members can be found guarding Martin and Patricia's ranch La Fuente Blanca.
  • Madrazo Cartel gang members only appearing in one mission during GTA V, which is Marriage Counseling.