Filling Stations

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A RON filling station in Grand Theft Auto IV

Filling Stations, also known as Petrol Stations (British English), Garages (British English), Gas Stations (American English) or Service Stations, have featured in every game in the Grand Theft Auto series since Grand Theft Auto III. As limited fuel is not a game mechanic in GTA games, they are not interactive, except for in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, where they are used to create molotovs, however the pumps can be blown up with a collision or gun shots, and some service stations in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas have accessible interiors, being the same as 24/7 stores.

In GTA San Andreas, the prices on the Xoomer gas station price boards reflect the prices of fuel in California circa 1992 - $1.34 to $1.49/gallon.

In GTA V, most garages in Los Santos have attached 24/7 convenience shops. All garages have a jerry can pickup, typically sandwiched between two petrol pumps. Based on the price of a jerry can in Ammu-Nation and its capacity, petrol in the state of San Andreas costs $1.25 per litre ($4.72 per US gallon).

3D Universe

GTA III and GTA Liberty City Stories
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HD Universe

GTA Chinatown Wars

All featured stations in GTA IV return (minus those in Alderney, due to its absence), as well as several more which are more depots than stations. These can be used to play the molotov minigame, in which fuel is purchased then guided into bottles in order to produce Molotov Cocktails.