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A parked Stuntplane in GTA San Andreas.

The Stuntplane is a fixed-wing aircraft in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Based on the Pitt's Special S-1 biplane, the Stuntplane is a highly maneuverable plane stellar for stunts due its highly responsive handling and ability to take sharp turns, but is relatively slow like most stunt planes even though it has enough engine power to maintain speed during steep upward pitches. Due to its capabilities, players can easily execute barrel rolls and loop-the-loops/inside loops using the Stuntplane, and, as a result, the plane is also used in Flying School trials involving the aforementioned aerial maneuvers. Like other planes, the Stuntplane is highly sensitive to damage, and will explode on impact in high-speed collisions with any solid object.

Similar to the Cropduster, the Stuntplane is capable of emitting smoke trails (specifically red ones), which is activated by pressing the action/sub-mission button or key.

The plane comes with a varied combination of two-tone body colors.


  • Like most other aircraft in GTA San Andreas, the Stuntplane plays K-DST by default.


The Stuntplane is available exclusively at Verdant Meadows in Bone County when all medals won in Flying School are at least silver and above. The only other way to obtain it is through cheats or by the flying race "Barnstormimg."

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