Procopio Truck Stop

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The Procopio Truck Stop is a truck stop located along the Great Ocean Hwy in northern Blaine County, San Andreas, which appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The truck stop is bordered by Procopio Beach to the north, Mount Gordo to the east, and Mount Chiliad to the south and west. Paleto Bay, the nearest town, is a short distance to the west.

Events of HD Universe

Franklin Clinton, Lamar Davis and Trevor Philips successfully deliver a number of stolen vehicles to Molly Schultz at the truck stop after evading the police.



  • Jerry Can (located at the Globe Oil filling station)




  • ATM (inside 24/7)
  • ATM (located at the Globe Oil filling station)
  • eCola vending machine (cost $1, outside 24/7)
  • EgoChaser (cost $2, inside 24/7)
  • Meteorite (cost $4, inside 24/7)
  • P's & Q's (cost $1, inside 24/7)
  • Sprunk vending machine (at the Up-n-Atom Diner)


  • The Up-n-Atom Diner at the truck stop is the first store the chain opened.