The Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company

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Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company
Game GTA Vice City
GTA Vice City Stories
GTA San Andreas
Type of business Food manufacturing
Owner(s) 3D Universe
Maude Hanson (until 1986)
Tommy Vercetti (from 1986)
Location(s) 3D Universe
Little Havana, Vice City
Gang affiliation 3D Universe
Vercetti Gang
Mission appearance(s) Distribution

The Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company, or simply Cherry Poppers, is an ice cream company in the 3D Universe and HD Universe that was first featured as a front for drugs distribution in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The company's name has since resurfaced many times in subsequent games.


GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories

Cherry Popper is first featured in GTA Vice City based at the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory located in Little Havana, Vice City, and owned by Maude Hanson. After "Shakedown", the factory is purchased by Tommy Vercetti for use as an asset and save-point, but is also revealed during the purchase cutscene that the factory is merely a front for more illicit activities, mainly drug dealing. Thus the factory is central to the "Distribution" side-mission, which involves selling drugs out of the Cherry Popper factory's Mr. Whoopee ice cream trucks.

The building in which the Cherry Popper factory is based in GTA Vice City is retained in the GTA Vice City Stories rendition of Vice City, but lacks any decorations or signage indicating it is based at that time.

GTA San Andreas

In GTA San Andreas, Cherry Popper stalls selling ice cream can be found in various urban locations for the player to replenish their health and stave off hunger. The stalls also depict what appears to the the mascot of the company, Whoopee the Clown, a character first seen on Mr. Whoopees in GTA III.

Boxes of "Chocolate Chunk" and "Raspberry Ripple" Cherry Popper ice cream can also be found in 24-7 stores, and Cherry Popper logos can been be seen on a handful of crates in the game, which texture is also, unusually, used on dumbbells in gyms.


In GTA IV, the Cherry Popper logo is featured on the side of the Mr. Tasty ice cream truck.


In Grand Theft Auto V there are Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company stores located in various areas in Los Santos, San Andreas. There are also Cherry Popper freezers located in 24/7s and LTD gas stations.


  • The phrase "Cherry Popper" is a take on a girl's first sexual experience (losing virginity).


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