The Fixer's Assassinations

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The Fixer's assassinations are a string of assassination missions given to the player in Grand Theft Auto IV. Niko Bellic can get to the missions by visiting a payphone at the Odhner Avenue-Traeger Road intersection on the western fringe of Port Tudor with Acter in Alderney, where a cutscene shows The Fixer briefing Bellic. It is not required to do these missions to continue with the storyline, but they do count towards completion of the game.

Activating the missions

Following Phil Bell's first mission, he will call the player's character, Niko Bellic, stating that someone has some side-jobs for him. A man known as "The Fixer" wants Niko to assassinate some enemies. To start these missions, the player should go to a designated payphone marked with a crosshair icon, and walk to a payphone to contact "The Fixer". When the player succeeds in completing all his assassinations, "The Fixer" will contact the player to voice his satisfaction, stating the player has "cleared a lot of files" for him, and wishes to cut ties with the player. "The Fixer" will not appear again after.


For every mission, the player will be provided information on where the target is, along with a body armor and a specific weapon suited for the mission in hand behind the pay phone (note: just because a certain weapon is provided doesn't mean it's the only suitable weapon for the mission; also, if you fail the mission and reload, the weapon may change). Like Brucie Kibbutz's exotic exports and Stevie's car thefts, individual assassination missions are played out in random order. In addition, the missions predominantly take place in Alderney.

Water Hazard

The female target is on a boat anchored just off shore. Options include shooting her with a sniper rifle (one is provided if you need it), or using an RPG to send her down with the ship. There is no penalty for also killing the man standing next to her (i.e. if you miss with the sniper rifle).

Dead End

The target are some members of The Lost Brotherhood, or Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers. They are in Alderney, when you come close to them they will drive away and you will have to give chase, however they will lure you into an ambush where you will have to take out many enemies.

If you take a cab to the destination, watch them drive away and then run towards their destination - you will get there after the ambush has arrived and you can easily take them out using your assault rifle. Calling in Dwayne's backup is also very useful here.

Migration Control

The target is attempting to catch a helicopter. Either use a RPG and blow it up when they board it, or shoot them with a sniper rifle.

Derelict Target

The targets are members of the Triads, and Russian Mafia. There are 3 heavily guarded targets to be wiped out in a stripped out building in Alderney City located right across the street from the Alderney Safehouse. This is a hard mission because the police get involved regardless of whether or not you shoot anybody - it's scripted so when you get to the level where the second person is, the cops will come starting at a 1 star level and going up to two stars once you shoot another baddie. If you end up killing policemen your wanted level goes up to 3 stars. The easiest way to do this is to get a helicopter, go to the street level where you can see two of the targets, sniper them, and then fly to the roof of the same building and through the partially destroyed roof shoot the third person. If you do attract police, just fly away.

A third way of compleating the mission without getting wounded or wanted is simply to kill all of the targets from a distance. Two of the targets can be killed from the front of the building with a sniper rifle (where you start the mission). The guy on the top floor is harder. Kill the goons in front of the building, don't mind the ones that can't hurt you. Now, the house to the left of the building with the targets (coming from the front) has a fire escape on the side. You will see it immediately if you look slightly to the left. You can jump up, and climb up on these stairs (note: not always available on PS3) and through this access the rooftop, where you easily could shoot the third target without getting wanted.

Note, however, that once you kill the last target the wanted level is automatically removed, so if you're fast enough you can clear the three targets without encountering cops.

Bailing Out for Good

This target is bailing out of a police station. Kill him outside it or chase him down when he gets in his car and kill him that way. If you "accidentally" run into and kill him, the mission is passed as well.

Hook, Line and Sinker

The target is on a boat, use a boat to get closer and give chase, shooting the boat until it explodes. Alternately, use the boat to get closer, but not so close as to trigger the chase, and sniper the target. You might also be able to use an RPG from that distance.

R.U.B. Down

The target is in the Acter Industrial park not far to the south. However there are actually three, and they are all on bikes. Chase them down and kill them. You can also sneak up to them (but not too close or they will get away) and stealthily shoot them with a rocket launcher, or throw a grenade (at good time)/molotov cocktail at them.

Industrial Action

Three more targets have to be taken out at the industrial park. They are up high on some walkways, and are guarded by a number of guards. The best way is to use a sniper form the north side and pick off as many as you can. Then get closer and take out the rest. Although it is possible to sniper some from the Plumber's Skyway (particularly from the construction zone where the barrier is missing) this isn't recommended as it's almost impossible to hit every target once they start running for cover, and the nearest off-ramp from the Skyway takes you too far from the targets, failing the mission.

Finding the way up can be very difficult, especially at night, given the maze of staircases and catwalks. The main staircase leading up (and from which most of the targets will be coming down) is at the southeast corner of the complex (or the left rear as viewed from the destination point).

Note: There is a $10,000 bonus on this contract. In the middle walkway between the two towers there is a sports bag that contains the money (presumably for the deal). To get the cash simply walk up to the bag. Be warned, the bag disappears after you kill an undetermined amount of enemies.

Taken Out

The target is moving in a convoy. Take a good handling car and drive up towards the target. The convoy is a stretch and two SUVs. If you are in a helicopter, slowly and methodically crash into the limousine, which pretty much makes it undriveable, and then just drill everybody with your SMG or Carbine Rifle. Note: the SUVs do not always appear, in which case all you need to contend with is the limo.


  • The Achievement/Trophy name, "Assassin's Greed", is a reference to the Ubisoft franchise Assassin's Creed.
  • The mission name Hook, Line and Sinker is a reference to the common phrase of the same name.